Tight Hamstrings? Pilates Please

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This is a great class for anyone with tight hamstrings and lower back. It’s a strong Intermediate level with a few Advanced exercises that don’t include any rolling over on the neck. You’ll work your whole body within a range of motion that keeps you working hard, stretches you out and makes you taller.

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  1. charitymaliowski 5 years ago

    I think I have watched 80% of your videos…love the way you teach! I seem to struggle with my words at times. Any chance you want to do a video on cueing/teaching? Im in the middle of Level 11 training. There isn’t much out there when it come to cueing…

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Charity, thank you! I will definitely do a video on verbal cueing for you. It’s something I know I’ve learned from my teachers and a lot of practice (everyone fumbles their words at times). Try this trick for learning to use cues: get a notebook and after every class, immediately write down 1 cue that worked for you. For the next week, try to use that cue every time you teach. Notice if it works and if it doesn’t, throw it out and try another. Soon you’ll have a bunch of cues written down that you know work and you can review them right before you teach. The notebook will also come in handy for remembering peoples names if you teach group mat classes :). Finally, check out my two latest workshops on Hands On Cues. Both have a lot of verbal cues in there too. But I’ll do one on verbal cues just for you too.

      • charitymaliowski 5 years ago

        Thank you so much! I will take your advice. I wrote all of your cues down in several of your videos. They are extremely helpful for me!

  2. Lseidell 8 years ago

    Thanks Alisa. I really liked this class. I am one of those who suffers from a tight lower back.

    • Alisa Wyatt

      So glad you like it! I think everyone needs a class like this no matter how their back typically feels :).

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