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Join Romana's Pilates Master Teacher Anthony Rabara for a session on the Wunda Chair that will challenge and inspire you! You'll work out along with Jack and Janice and feel the effects of Anthony's simple yet brilliant cues as he takes them through their paces. To train with and learn from Anthony Rabara, visit his studio in Princeton, NJ: Anthony Rabara Pilates.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Jennifer Allen

    Love this class so much. Thank you!! :))

  2. Pilatesthebody
    Pilatesthebody 2 years ago


  3. hojnikova
    hojnikova 5 years ago

    Great class. Really enjoyed it. Thanks Alisa and Jack!

  4. susan h lawrence
    susan h lawrence 5 years ago

    Very cool to see a teacher teaching students… while teaching teachers to teach how to support the moves in ordinary folk(you are really so much more than ‘ordinary’, Jack and Janice :). This could be the perfect Pilatesology working and learning chair workshop. It combines teaching the teacher while teaching the student. Neat!

  5. Harmonyblu 5 years ago

    Stumbled upon this while looking for a Chair class, its so insightful to watch Anthony teach! Cant thank you enough for having Anthony on Pilatesology. I have been lucky enough to have taken a lesson with Anthony, and some of those cues still echo when I work out. And now there will be more!

  6. LKVB 5 years ago

    lol @ ending. I’m sure Jack has nice feetz. hang 10 dude!

  7. Buxotic
    Buxotic 5 years ago

    SO fun! Like a class and workshop in one. Thank you Anthony! And Jack, you rocked on that chair! Luv you guys for bringing classical pilates to the nether-regions 🙂 xo

  8. natalievaldez27 5 years ago

    so excited to see Anthony Rabara featured on Pilatesology. Thank you Alyssa & Jack, I love viewing and learning the classical form of Pilates. This will help me in my own practice and to hopefully become a better teacher for my clients 🙂

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Natalie thank you! We are so incredibly happy to have Anthony with us and I encourage you to go visit him too, videos are a nice way to discover this work but the real learning happens when you’re there in person. 🙂

  9. xuxu 5 years ago

    I have the good fortune to study with Anthony on a consistent basis and what I love about this video is that it makes me feel as if I have been transported back to his studio. There is nothing staged about this class. You can tell he is just going about his workday as usual with the exception that this lesson is being taped. He teaches to the bodies in front of him instead of to the lens of the camera and makes us feel grateful for letting us take a peak. He is a true gift to Pilatesology and the Pilates Method.

  10. ladyjane 5 years ago

    Anthony! What a treat to see you on Pilatesology! Fabulous!
    Jack and girls…… well done!

  11. Mary
    Mary 5 years ago

    It’s always a good day when Jack comes out from behind the (camera) curtain. And lovely spotting by Ainsley (& Alyssa?- sorry If I got your name wrong.) Great job all.

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Jack always arrives for filming completely unprepared to work out (perhaps on purpose?) but Anthony took care of that and gave him his own clothes, heheheh…

  12. Debs 5 years ago

    Great to be able to watch you on here Anthony. I look forward to the next time you teach me.

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