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Jay begins this mini workshop with a short explanation of why everyone can benefit from using the strap and handles on a Pilates mat (if you happen to have access to one). He then takes his student Murat Berkin through the mat series, giving tips and explanations of the goals along the way. You’ll learn how Joe taught the Teaser (and how it got it’s name), how Jay’s minimal use of cues can support and enhance your own practice, and where to look for more when teaching your clients. Find out more about working with Jay Grimes at and you can join them both at Murat's next: Classical Pilates Conference Istanbul.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Costanzin94 5 months ago

    Wonderful execution: This sequence is such a pleasure for the eyes!

  2. Uleedog 2 years ago

    I can only aspire to this.

  3. Centropilatesgranada
    Centropilatesgranada 3 years ago

    Fantastic training! Fabulous transitions and perfectly executed exercises. I love your Hip Circle!

  4. alisonsalmond 3 years ago

    Great video to watch. Murat is a pleasure to watch and I love Jay’s little chuckles as he watches on with pride 🙂 Thank you for sharing

  5. carmen
    carmen 4 years ago

    Great video for me to watch as I prepare for the Mat Assessment. Your hard work is very clear in your pilates Murat. Thank you Jay for this video:).

  6. Maria Hammond

    Love this , love watching Murat and love watching and listening to Jay too! I like to do this class after I have taken my pilates class ! Its the only way I get to do a class for ME!

  7. jernestops
    jernestops 4 years ago

    Beutiful! Great work Murat 😉

  8. Hristofor 4 years ago

    Magnificent! I just hope that l’ll be able to do it one of these days….

  9. Maria Hammond

    Fantastic, what a total joy to watch! I have told my students to aspire to this! I have to play this every day for my own selfish Pilates class on my own ???? Thank you!

  10. FrankZito

    This was wonderful work by Murat. And excellent teaching and spotting by Jay. I learned some new tricks for both my self-workouts and teaching. Thank you gentlemen!

  11. “Practice makes perfect”, that is what Murat shows us. Really gorgeous performance Murat. I enjoyed every bit of it! So glad that you will be featured on Pilatesglossy! You are a wonderful example for us!

  12. joelcrosby

    Fantastic! I loved watching this and practicing it. Jay you are always “getting the juice out” of every exercise and giving advanced bodies what they need. I learned a lot! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

    • Jay Grimes Author
      Jay Grimes 5 years ago

      Thank you Joel, and everyone else for your kind comments. This video shows what dedication and hard work can accomplish. I am very proud of Murat.

  13. Frogmoves 5 years ago

    Great job Jay. Murat provides a beautiful example of strength and grace! Wonderful to watch.

  14. Kerry 5 years ago

    Wow. Jay, you must really enjoy teaching Murat! Nice job!!

  15. choi
    choi 5 years ago

    my style. good. thank you.

  16. pjennings 5 years ago

    Gorgeous in every way!

  17. ladyjane 5 years ago

    What a delight to watch …… Effortless effort! You made it look so easy Murat!
    You had a great body before, but now – WOW!

  18. whitelions
    whitelions 5 years ago

    LOVE IT!!!! loved the one legged and hand push up and both!! yes really showing how Jay is allowing Murat to focus on his body and what he needs to do and feel on his body… Jay is guiding him and doing some hands on to further what Murat needs……… as we are on this journey our bodies are constantly changing and to keep taking the “juice out of each exercie” …….

  19. tanyapaty 5 years ago

    Beautiful! Murat, thank you so much for such an inspirational example of the beauty of the Work

  20. Brenda Ameli 5 years ago

    This is a hard class for me, I’ll admit it! But I love it for the simplicity, the depth and the peaceful quality. I love that it’s done almost completely in silence, so I can focus on my body and I have to think and remember what’s coming next rather than rely on the instructor telling me. I won’t be doing that one-legged or hand-clap push-up anytime soon, but it’s a pleasure to watch! 🙂
    This will be a favorite I’ll do again and again—the time is just the right amount too.

  21. pilatesmomma08 5 years ago

    Is the second exercise in the side leg series Joe’s or Romana’s? I thought the leg kick up was hers? Great video….really love Jay 🙂

    • Jay Grimes Author
      Jay Grimes 5 years ago

      Good question! But I really don’t remember – I think it came from Joe, but time plays tricks on the memory!

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