Pilates Arm Weight Class with Tiziana Trovati

Taller in Ten

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The Standing Arm Weight series does more than give you sculpted arms, it's really all about creating a lifted, beautiful posture that will instantly make you feel taller, thinner and more relaxed. You'll work your bottom with killer lunges, sculpt your arms, lengthen your spine and finish with a nice long neck and open chest. Tiziana's fantastic cues will help you understand why the proper alignment in these exercises can create immediate change in your body.  Filmed at Trovati Pilatesworks in Orange County, California.

What Others Are Saying


  1. lainey48 8 years ago

    Great class! I would like other classes using weights to help ones posture.

  2. Sophia 8 years ago

    That was great! Never thought about the shoulder blade area on this. Really great cues for that: crack a walnut and martini glass. Thanks much… will have my class do this today!

  3. 2redfrogs 8 years ago

    Lovely just what I needed! Happy to see that here…

  4. nigelmack 8 years ago

    Wonderful workout working muscles in many different directions and demanding whole body participation. All in ten minutes wow ! I’m particularly interested in the positioning for developing shoulder stability and getting that effect of the shoulders and arms being an extension of the center of the body. Thank you again Tiziana !

  5. May
    May 8 years ago

    Makes me work on my (lack of) balance! Thank you!

  6. fitnesspilates 8 years ago

    Tiziana, I love your classes! Thank you :0)

    • Tiziana Trovati
      Tiziana Trovati 8 years ago

      Thank you!! We’ll keep them coming 🙂

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