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This fast moving and balance challenging workout is fantastic for times when you need to move but can’t get down on the floor. Fabien leads with a quick tempo that will reveal your weak spots and asymmetries. Fabien developed this workout for children in schools, they love the challenge! For private lessons visit Fabien’s studio Centre Pilates Barcelona and for teacher training with Fabien and Miguel Silva in Spain and Portugal, visit Uno Pilates.

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  1. respectyouJoseph 7 months ago

    I have sweated after following this better than I thought. Really good exercise for my ankle. thank you 🙂

  2. catedavies 8 months ago

    v useful thanks

  3. Tan 9 months ago

    Really great way to start the day…from my hotel room! Just what I was hoping to find this morning. Thank you!

  4. Alisa Wyatt

    Thank you Fabien, I loved this as a warm up for my day!! xoxo

  5. Madhavi Abuja 9 months ago

    Great idea. Very inspiring!

  7. Juliana Araujo
    Juliana Araujo 10 months ago

    Muito bom! ????????????????????????

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