Pilates Spine Corrector Basics with Alisa Wyatt

Stand Taller in 10 Spine Corrector

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Do you feel hunched over? Joe Pilates created the Spine Corrector to correct your spine’s curves. This quick series opens the chest, relieves tight necks and shoulders and stretches the upper back to help you look and feel 3 inches taller in less than 10 minutes.

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  1. Catgal01
    Catgal01 4 months ago

    Great little intro session for newbies to the SC. Great to relieve tension in those forward head peeps. Thankyou

  2. Lannette
    Lannette 3 years ago

    Very nice!

  3. soul_eil

    With my tight upper back, this feels so good as a morning wake up before I start my first client of the day.

  4. Lisa Reed 6 years ago

    As a new teacher, I cannot thank you enough for this amazing resourcs. I love Pilatesology!

  5. Lisa Reed 6 years ago

    Thanks this is very helpful

  6. eugenia 6 years ago

    I just got my spine corrector and I can’t wait to try this … Thanks!

  7. Tova Apollo 7 years ago

    Wonderful exercises for a very common issue. I was wondering if the ball can be used. It is not possible to aquire apparatus here in India, only the most basic equipment balls, flex bands, hand weights can be found without importing, even magic circles need to be imported (luckily they fit in a suitcase) so we do what we can on the mat. Your previous response is helpful.Thank you, Tova

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Hi Tova,
      There are several ways you can get some of the benefits of this apparatus even if you can’t import one very easily. Stability balls are okay but I find they are too bouncy and soft for achieving the chest opening that the firm surface of the barrel provides. Instead what I’ve done in gym situations where there is no Pilates equipment is I’ve had people roll up a couple of thick yoga mats along with maybe a yoga blanket into a firm ‘jellyroll’. Depending on the thickness of the mats, a blanket might not be needed–the roll will be much smaller than a spine corrector and you’ll want to place it horizontally (like a letter t) under the chest at the level of the nipple. Use a pillow or yoga block under the client’s head if the neck looks strained or the head doesn’t rest on the floor. Make sure the lower body and Powerhouse are engaged and do the exercises in this video. You can also try using a Foam Roller in the same position but make sure the head isn’t dangling in space.
      We have several blog posts on do it yourself Pilates apparatus (DIY: High Mat: https://pilatesology.com/2013/01/do-it-yourself-how-to-make-your-own-pilates-folding-high-mat/#.U0mZWOZdU1k) and hope to have one on making barrels soon so watch for those. Alisa

  8. Lily Magid 7 years ago

    Hi, I’m 23, healthy, and a Pilates instructor but I have forward head posture. Since my studio doesn’t have a spine corrector I was wondering if there was another apparatus or any other variations that I can do to try and help with my posture. Thank you! Lily

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Hi Lily,
      Yes there are many ways in the Pilates system to work on correcting forward head posture, all of the Swan exercises on every apparatus plus Pulling Straps and really every movement done correctly can help to fix your head placement. When you don’t have any apparatus at all, simply doing your mat every day with a focus on lengthening your neck and opening your chest will do wonders but especially the Swan, Single Leg Kicks, Double Leg Kicks, Swimming and Rocking since those exercises do all the things you need to rebalance your posture. If you have a Small Barrel in the studio you can use that instead of the Spine Corrector or you can substitute a tightly rolled up mat (it should be firm) and place it horizontally under your chest at the level of your nipple-line. If your head doesn’t rest on the floor, use a firm pillow to keep it from hanging in space–your neck should be long and not strained. You can also work with the Push Through Bar on the Cadillac or Tower to fix your neck, here’s a class on that: https://pilatesology.com/classes/chest-opening-push-thru-bar/#.UzjE2a1dV-g and one on the Wunda Chair where I’m working with a gal who also has forward head posture so it will be a great workout for you too: https://pilatesology.com/classes/wunda-chair-workout/#.UzjD261dV-g.
      Hope that helps, there’s loads more I could tell you so feel free to ask for more ideas if you need them.

  9. May
    May 8 years ago

    Always makes me feel good!

  10. arlene

    Nice work!

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