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Tiziana shares tips for teaching (or doing) the Short Box better. Watch and learn how to adjust for short vs. tall bodies, stabilizing the hips and keeping the work out of the hip flexors, using the hands to hold the abdominal wall in, why what you look at is important, and more. Here’s a pre-game quiz for you: who said “This exercise is about how much can you grow, not how far you can go,” and what part of the Short Box was this comment referring to? Visit Tiziana at The Trovati Method.

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  1. 2 years ago

    I loved this tutorial. Thank you!

  2. LittleEngine 3 years ago

    thank you very much. It is so helpful to slow down the pace and follow all the prompts outside of my own session. I’ve been struggling to feel the work in the correct place. I am going to review this before my next reformer class. thanks! When is it a good idea for someone to get their own reformer and do their own work at home? I am intermediate on the mat but basically beginner on a reformer. Would I do more harm than good trying to practice reformer on my own at home?

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Hi LittleEngine,
      You ask an excellent question! When you’re getting started on the Reformer it’s really helpful to have an instructor with you because she/he can adjust the exercises for your individual needs, so I encourage you to find a classical instructor (Check out our Directory for one near you). If you can’t get to an instructor, practicing on your own is way better than not doing Pilates at all! 🙂

  3. joesmat 4 years ago

    I liked the detail in your Instruction Tiziana, and your constant reference to Romana’s Teachings, and the reasons.
    Tiziana sono multi gentile.

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