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The final class in our Pre-Pilates Progression with Alisa Wyatt flows through all of the exercises you've been doing in just 12 minutes. You'll move much more quickly than you have before which makes the workout much more advanced because it requires control to keep your alignment and connection throughout. Feel free to repeat this or any class in the series as often as you like, these classes are the perfect way to start your day and are like an anti-aging serum that works better the more you use it!

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  1. MaggieC6 9 months ago

    I’m having trouble grabbing my ankle for the one move. Is it okay to grab my knee instead?

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Hi MaggieC6, YES it is fine to grab your knee instead of your ankle. As you progress, keep trying to grab your ankle once in a while though–even if you can’t reach it yet, the action of trying will help you get stronger and more flexible.

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