Pilates Hacks: Teaching the Up Stretch

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The Up Stretch exercise is done across many levels, leading to a wide spectrum of potential mistakes. Alycea Ungaro has two simple hacks that will help your client at any level get it right every time. First: forget about the upper body for a second and wake up those glutes! Then you're ready to hone the precision and stretch by creating more load in the right places. Filmed at Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates™, New York, NY.

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  1. knbshaffer 4 years ago

    Excellent teaching techniques! The concise queing breaks it down in the most useful way. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Alycea Ungaro Author

    Thanks Pepperwitch! You have a great eye. This client has extremely hyper-mobile shoulders and continually struggles with placement. She did her best. I always elect to show the “real” thing. As to the hands – they are correct. In the old days there was NO padding and we worked on the bare footbars – we always kept our hands fully wrapped around the bar. If you notice – I have a very thin low profile wrap on my footbars to more closely approximate the original. The heavily padded footbars that have become the norm do not support the original hand position. As clients progress towards more advanced levels the option to open the hands may be introduced. This is how Romana taught us.

  3. Peppperwitch 4 years ago

    Het hands are rapped around the bar and her upper arm muscles are completely turned in. As much as those tips on her how to cue the exercise were helpful the form is way off and it didn’t seem like she was in a right allignment.

  4. Madhavi Abuja 4 years ago

    Keep more of these coming

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