Pilates for Seniors in a Chair

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If you have clients who can’t get down on the floor, you can teach Pilates in a chair. Join Simona as she demonstrates the workout she taught a group of deconditioned seniors who, 10 years later, are now able to get down on the mat and do a complete intermediate workout! You’ll learn how to adapt the classical matwork to stretch the whole body with emphasis on balance, posture and gaining strength. Enjoy! Visit Simona's studio in Stamford, Connecticut at The Art of Control.

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  1. Mrs_Nes
    Mrs_Nes 2 months ago

    This was fantastic and a great reminder of how many pilates exercises can be translated to the chair to make it accessible for seniors. I love teaching my older clients. Its so rewarding to give them back a quality of life that they may have lost. Thank you for this great video!

    • Simona Cipriani Author
      Simona Cipriani 2 months ago

      Hi there,
      Thank you so much for your comment 🙂
      Sorry for the delay here….. was preparing for the class on Pilatesology this weekend:) Hope you will join us there!
      Yes, I loved teaching seniors and this is the program I started with. Two years latter they did a full Mat with me on the floor. So impressive 👍
      Enjoy it 🌺

  2. CoreyAnne

    Just watched this – so helpful Simona! Thank you!

    • Simona Cipriani Author
      Simona Cipriani 5 months ago

      Hi Anne,

      thank you so much for your comment 🙂
      I am glad you liked it…let me know what else may be of an interest to you ok?
      stay well:)

  3. mimsy 1 year ago

    Thank you Simona, this gives some great ideas, and not just for seniors.

    • Simona Cipriani Author
      Simona Cipriani 1 year ago

      Hi there mimsy

      Yes that is true, I use this routine for me on the plane when I travel long distances as well as in the Hotel room ….
      great for teens as well ????????????
      enjoy it ????

  4. Simona Cipriani Author
    Simona Cipriani 1 year ago

    Hi Jennifer,

    thank you so much!
    I love teaching seniors and they love Pilates on the chair….
    that is how I started 10 years ago…and now they are doing Intermediate Mat!

    Have fun it:)

  5. Jennifer Allen

    This was brilliant! Thank you so much.

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