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Chris Robinson proves again that Pilates is for athletes with this vigorous flow class with cardio bursts.  Enjoy his fast rhythm and fun variations on the stomach series. Guaranteed to make you sweat and get strong fast!! Find Chris at

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  1. TracyWCorvo 1 month ago

    Loved this class! Strong and balanced workout with a great pace. Just what I needed to mix it up on the mat. Thank you!

  2. katarinka 1 month ago

    Thank you Chris. It was great! You gotta keep cool 🙂

  3. dalirae 1 month ago

    Great class. The end was great tension release of my shoulders/upper back. That shouldn’t have been tight! thanks

  4. pilatesangel 1 month ago

    I loved this class when you taught it live! Such a good workout for a runner or tight athletic body! And heart racing, sweat inducing! Thank you Chris and Pilatesology for sharing this to repeat!

  5. mhampton 1 month ago

    Thanks Chris! This was great.

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