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In this observational session Chris focuses on learning to keep the spine long and supported throughout an advanced Reformer workout, it's what his own teacher Jay Grimes calls the Two Way Stretch. Chris's specific, simple, and motivating cues give his student, Pilates instructor Lauren Montefusco, a lot to work for and she shows that she's up to the challenge. If you're a teacher familiar with the advanced classical order, try doing this workout and discover how far you can reach. This session was filmed at the 2013 Classical Pilates Conference Chicago so you’ll notice other sessions taking place in the background, enjoy the energy! Visit Chris at Stretch Strength Control Gym in San Diego, CA.

What Others Are Saying


  1. kerander
    kerander 1 year ago

    That was fantastic to watch. Great job, Lauren! I like Chris’ cues, as well as how he watches one rep and then provides concise feedback.

  2. janie jennings 5 years ago

    I love his work . So easy to follow.

  3. janie jennings 5 years ago

    I love his work.

  4. Tasha 7 years ago

    I have to watch Chris’ videos in small pieces because you learn SO MUCH it can be overwhelming to get through the whole thing. He truly is a great teacher.

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Tasha I can’t agree more! Chris is gifted and there’s so much to absorb when learning from him. Definitely try following the workout with him too, it helps me understand his cues more deeply when I try it out.

  5. Bishop 7 years ago

    How great to learn this way… you answered questions i didn’t even know i had. Thanks so much! What a great reminder of how simple and deep this practice is.

  6. tanyapaty 7 years ago

    Wonderful! I SO love learning from instructors who teach “the work”. Everything is already there. Our strength, alignment, balance, & growth all come from taking the work deeper & deeper. So much here that i will take into my own practice & teaching 🙂 Thank you for this wonderful class!

  7. sheilamcgregor 7 years ago

    This was AWESOME to watch! Lauren, I could FEEL you working so super hard during this session – fabulous form! Chris, you gave such excellent cues – learned HEAPS watching this video. THANKS!

  8. Chris, Thanks so much for this great session. I had so much fun filming with you. It felt great to workout 2 hours right after I got off a plane to get to the conference!!! Watching this video 9 months after it was filmed, and its amazing how much my body had changed in the last 9 months! You are an amazing teacher.. Thank you so much….hope to get to see you around soon 🙂

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