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Watch Chris Robinson wring the juice out of 2 Pilates professionals in this flowing Advanced Reformer workout. If you're a teacher looking for ways to get more control out of your clients, there's a wealth of information to glean from Chris' inspiring teaching style and you'll learn even more by joining him for the workout to feel it in your own body. This session was filmed at the 2013 Classical Pilates Conference Chicago so you’ll notice other sessions taking place in the background, enjoy the energy! Visit Chris at Stretch Strength Control Gym in San Diego, CA.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Kristapilates 2 years ago

    Loved this class today!! Thank you!!

  2. Jon Hawkins

    I loved taking this class and look forward to watching it to pick up on the tactile cues and then take it again. Especially appreciated that the ladies were very vocal about how hard they were working. Was right there with them!

  3. Tasha 7 years ago

    I love watching the videos on Pilatesology. This is by far the best one I have seen. There are so many “lessons” in this video. I love his touch cues and the way he verbally gets what he needs. I could watch this over and over again (which I plan on!)

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Tahsa thank you for voicing exactly what I felt watching Chris teach this session. He’s a brilliant teacher and there’s so much to learn here–try working out to the class too, you’ll understand what he’s looking for even more.

    MARYLYON 7 years ago

    Thanks Chris, This is my favorite class. Hope to have a lesson with you when
    you re in Chicago again. Mary Lyon, Lagrange Il.

  5. CyndiMo
    CyndiMo 7 years ago

    Love this! I am doing a 30 session challenge to support my Pilates newbie husband. I have him starting at reformer “intro” and I am going to do this one for at least a couple of weeks (2 sessions down). Thanks!!

  6. lili.viola
    lili.viola 7 years ago

    Fantastic instruction! Good job ladies 😉

  7. jenna 7 years ago

    B R A V O

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