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Blossom begins this mat flow session with ten minutes of intense preparatory moves that guarantee you'll feel your abdominals in ways you never have before, throughout the entire class and for several days after! You'll experience the excruciatingly focused pace that is Blossom's trademark—the flow never stops but there's no cheating with momentum. She adds more complex exercises and variations to the moves from her previous class: Blossom's Aloha Mat Breakdown and your body will ache as much from laughing it does from the workout (Blossom's brilliant cues are often hilarious too!). Mahalo means thank you in Hawaiian and that's exactly what your body will say when you're finished. Be sure to visit Blossom's studio in Brooklyn NY: Bridge Pilates.

What Others Are Saying


  1. BisonDan 3 months ago

    Aloha Leilani.
    This class was just what I needed (I feel that after most every class). Your directions help me immensely.
    I saw “Mahalo” in the title of this class and choose it for that reason. I see the Islands in your name and face, but do not hear it in your speech. Did you loose your pidgin accent?
    Dan from Albuquerque (but I grew up in Honolulu).

  2. Naitik 2 years ago

    Loved your class. Cues are excellent and so clear!!!

  3. ewapilates
    ewapilates 4 years ago

    Great, inspiring, exhilarating work-out! Thank you, Blossom! Would be so fantastic to see you in person – again – this time in your studio in NY. I am planning my visit to Alycea and Yourself – end of OCT; 15 NOV. I”ll stay in touch:) LOVE, Ewa POLAND:)

  4. mirandabass 4 years ago

    A great class to start the year back after a break and work into the exercises correctly after all the turkey, mince pies and beverages!!! Thanks Blossom and happy new year!

  5. linda nottberg 6 years ago

    Such a well organized and thorough class! It’s my favorite mat class and you’re a wonderful instructor.
    “Reverence”, to you!

  6. DianaMoore

    Blossom would you please teach mat again focusing on Side Bend,Twist 1,Twist 2 and Kathy’s “Rotisserie Chicken”. I would love to hear the cueing and see the touch cueing. Thank you.

  7. Martin 7 years ago

    Blossom, this workout was fantastic! It’s so great to have you here on Pilatesology. I love your fresh take on things the great sense of fun you bring to the work. It’s wonderful to have a new perspective to enlighten and challenge. I need to make my way to your studio one of these days 🙂

  8. Lynnea Amend 7 years ago

    This video/workout was so inspiring! Just one video and I am ready to come to NY for some sessions with Blossom. Loved her cues, transitions and working your way into exercises (especially basic ones) that really get to the core of the movement (pun intended). Thank you!

    • Blossom Leilani Crawford Author
      Blossom Leilani Crawford 7 years ago

      Mahalo Lynnea. Where do you live? You can check out my website to see my teaching schedule for 2014. Maybe our paths can cross in real time!

      • Lynnea Amend 7 years ago

        Hi Blossom! I live in Portland, Oregon and have made a goal to save for a trip to NY to see both you and Brooke for sessions. I checked out your website and will hopefully be able to catch up with you for a session! Thanks again

  9. LKVB 7 years ago

    thank you Blossom. Love the side work- soo hard. Finger release in boomerang, amazing. So many tiny details to connect deeply. Also thank you for the virtual stretch post neck pull and rocking. I made it happen. Cheers, liesbeth

    • Blossom Leilani Crawford Author
      Blossom Leilani Crawford 7 years ago

      Liesbeth, I am so glad you noticed how great that release is in the Boomerang! I am so pleased. Thanks for the feedback.

  10. Ynowak 7 years ago

    I loved the rocking breakdown, it felt so good! You’re right, I do tend to leave that one out more than I should. Thank you!

    • Blossom Leilani Crawford Author
      Blossom Leilani Crawford 7 years ago

      Thanks for your feedback regarding the rocking. I am glad you thought it felt good. Let’s bring that exercise back to Mat classes more often!

  11. joesmat 7 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your somewhat unique knowledge Blossom Leilani Crawford. I have not done the transition from Spine Stretch Forward to Open Leg Rocker before.
    Of particular interest to me was the crossed leg with knee over knee into your Trussed Chicken hip stretch exercise. I am hoping it will rehab my ageing hips. Genius stuff Blossom Leilani Crawford.
    A privilege for a student like myself.

    • Blossom Leilani Crawford Author
      Blossom Leilani Crawford 7 years ago

      I like to play around with my transitions between exercises. I am so glad you like it. I might give it to my Mat class again this Wednesday! Thanks for your comments!

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