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Magic Posture Fix with Kara Wily

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Grab a magic circle for this quick posture fix. How? The action of hugging the circle connects your limbs to your Powerhouse, and turns the muscles of your core into an automatic girdle that zips you up. Pulling your center together builds confidence in the body and is great to do right before public speaking or anytime you need a lift! Visit Kara at Kara Wily Pilates.

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  1. ECamp 1 year ago

    Thank you Kara, these exercises are helping me return from an ankle sprain. I especially love the pace and concentration of this class.

  2. Vicki 5 years ago

    Wonderful class Kara! Just one Q: Is this series appropriate for pregnancy? I would think so, but just asking about the first exercise where the circle is right above the knee? Thank you

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