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Join Alisa and her student Sonia for a killer workout in a short 1/2 hour that will sort out all your kinks and leave you feeling long, lean and accomplished!

What Others Are Saying


  1. 2redfrogs 9 years ago

    Great! Loved it, nice calm teaching and a good work out!

  2. Mari 9 years ago

    Had to miss my duet session this morning, so I did this 20 minute workout at home and it was excellent! That last series of pushups was a nice finish…

  3. lombardo19 9 years ago

    This was great! I loved the extra tips and feel like my form is already improving!

  4. AbiWhite 9 years ago

    Great! I had 20 minutes to kill to this mini workout hit the spot nicely!

  5. abarzdukas 9 years ago

    Nice pacing — nice cuing on corkscrew — helped a lot!

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