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Tiziana is here to kick your bottom (along with her student, Alisa’s) in this mat session that is classical Pilates at it’s best. Tiziana’s clear, concise cues create a rhythm that is not only fun to follow but also gets your juices flowing! This quick but unhurried rhythm when joined with the curling, arching, lengthening and twisting movements of the torso in every Pilates workout is the means by which we get the ‘internal shower’—the cleansing action that Joe Pilates referred to in his writings—something we can all benefit from everyday. Tiziana provides variation in her sequence in several ways, through her pace, her choice of exercises and with a flowing breakdown of some key moves to help you understand and perform better. Visit Tiziana at: Trovati Pilates Works.

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  1. erinhebb 8 years ago

    LOVED! Thanks for the great workout. I felt like I was back in the gym at Equinox on Gwch Ave w/ Alisa. I love the faster pace…leaves little room for me to quit early.

  2. Thank you Tiziana, you kicked my butt too!! I loved this class, so high energy and challenging.

  3. LaraCosta 8 years ago

    Great sweaty short workout. Was able to do it while my four-year-old was playing around me! Thank you – I will be returning to this one.

  4. Estelle Shaw 8 years ago

    Perfect get up and go workout. I have to admit I was a little behind on every movement but pushed myself to keep up and got a nice sweat going!! Thanks guys!

  5. soul_eil

    Great quick and efficient Sunday morning mat to warm me up before getting the impatient dogs out to the dog park after they have been trapped inside for our southern Ca rainy season 😉 loved the alignment reminders!

  6. Great Class ladies!!! I so enjoyed watching every minute of it! Now, I should get down on my mat and kick my own butt.

  7. lghammerle

    Great teasers Alisa!

  8. joesmat 8 years ago

    It is said that Pilates is a grey Method, and invariably leads to me asking as to where some of the variations or interpretations emanate from.
    May I ask you Tiziana about some of the specific instructions you gave Alisa –
    1. DOUBLE LEG KICK – You cued her to reach her hands to the tailbone, and then, touched her hands so that they were “just” above her tailbone. Where does this specific interpretation come from?
    2. JACKKNIFE – You cued to “never” take the legs lower than 90 degrees when iniating the movement. Why must the legs be specificially at 90 degrees in the set up, i.e., before reaching the legs up and over the body?
    3. SIDE BEND – You had Alisa very specifically place her hand on the top of her hip, fingers pointing toward the groin, elbow out in line with her shoulder – angled. Why this exact placement and where does this interpretation originate from?
    4. SEAL – You cued Alisa to hold onto the ankles, not the sides of her feet? Why, and what difference does this make to the movement?
    5. PUSH-UPS – In standing at the beginning, you cued that you have a choice with the placement of the feet; either “Pilates Stance” or in “Parallel”. Where do these two options originate from?
    As ever an outstanding mat demonstration by Alisa – true grit.

    • Tiziana Trovati
      Tiziana Trovati 8 years ago

      Hello there and thank you for watching!
      Here’s some answers for you:
      1- It’s not an interpretation… that’s how Romana taught it to me. If you extend your arms more towards the ceiling so to speak, the shoulders will be inner rotating and that would defeat the purpose of opening the chest.
      2- If you let the legs come down too far, say even just a few degrees past 90, then you would use the momentum to swing them back up instead of your powerehouse. Also don’t forget we are practicing precision.
      3- Romana taught it to us that way. She would cue “put hand on your hip” so yea, the elbow should stay in line with her shoulder. Not sure what the question is here…
      4- …aren’t the outside of the ankles on the side of your feet? You want to make sure you clear your hands/fingers from the soles since on your last seal you will be standing up.
      5- Ah… push-ups.. this is a good one… I don’t like “pilates-stance” so much in this exercise as I see people falling inward onto the big toe. Bob Liekens ( one of my teacher trainer at the time) pointed that out. Ever since I have taught push-ups parellel.
      Great questions. Keep up the good work!!
      Tiziana 🙂

      • joesmat 8 years ago

        Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question. It is really most generous of you. There are many little details that crop up on the PILATESOLOGY mat sessions, that are not documented to my limited knowledge, and are new to me, hence the queries. You are most kind.

  9. Martin 8 years ago

    Alisa, I envy your stretchy hamstrings! I’m aiming to get my head on the floor one of these days during spine stretch:) By the way, is it my imagination or are you sporting some new oral apparatus?

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Ah yes, you noticed my braces–the curse of not having worn a retainer, drat! I expect to go backwards in age for the entire time I have them on (hear that Universe?). I’m sure you have something I would envy in your practice too like I bet you can knock out some decent pushups. Oh someday!

      • Martin 8 years ago

        You look wonderful with or without them 🙂 Your pushups aren’t too shabby either 😉

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