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Join Mejo for the workout she does when she’s crunched for time and stuck somewhere without any props or apparatus. The mat deeply works your entire body in just under an hour and requires nothing but a willingness to work hard. You’ll deserve a shower after this session—Mejo has some fun surprises in store for you! A big thank you to Uptown Pilates on Mahattan’s Upper East Side where this class was filmed. You can find more about MeJo Wiggin at her website: 

What Others Are Saying


  1. rshall 4 years ago

    Killer, killer, killer! But in a good way.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Mejo teaching!!!

  3. lghammerle

    Thanks MeJo! Today I watched, but I’m going to do this later in the week. It’s a complete workout 🙂

  4. lainey48 7 years ago

    Love when you instruct a class- Like the fast pace of this class- Going to put this one on my favorites!

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