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When MeJo had whiplash due to a car accident, Romana used the Arm Chair (also known as the Baby Chair) to rehabilitate her neck and shoulders and return her to health. In this inspiring session, MeJo shares the purpose behind the design of the chair, the goals of the exercises themselves, common issues to watch for, and how an instructor can assist a client to provide stability and strength where needed. You’ll discover that this wonderfully versatile apparatus is useful for much more than older folks and injuries, it can challenge the strongest athlete and bring fresh perspective to exercises. If you own an Arm Chair, this video is a vital tool that you will come back to again and again. Filmed at Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates™, New York, NY. MeJo also sells her own Arm Chair DVD in the Pilatesology store :https://pilatesology.com/product/the-gratz-arm-chair-video/

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  1. Maigualida
    Maigualida 2 years ago

    You are an excellent instructor I am looking forward to practice in the baby chair

  2. tracy 4 years ago

    Thanks again MeJo for being generous with your knowledge of the whole system.

  3. Elizabeth Brown Meier
    Elizabeth Brown Meier 6 years ago

    That was a great workout. I modified slights b/c I have the Avalon Arm Chair, but I can see where the baby chair works better with the straight flat back.
    Thank you MeJo.

  4. Lavosky
    Lavosky 6 years ago

    Thanks Mejo. I enjoyed this video and got a lot out of it. The studio where I practice physical therapy and teach Pilates just purchased an arm chair and I’m working on learning exercises to use with patients with upper extremity and cervical/thoracic spine conditions. This video has certainly given me a lot of ideas as well as deepened my understanding of the arm chair.

    Thomas Lavosky, DPT, Cert. MDT, PMA-CPT

  5. Mariano Godoy 7 years ago

    Awesome!! I Only knew few exercices for this fabolous chair and now you open my mind to a biggest repertoire!! Thanks a lots!

    MARYLYON 7 years ago

    Thank you Mejo. After watching your video I knew I had to buy this little chair with a large price tag. I find it to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Thank you again and hope to see even more exercises I can teach using this great apparatus. Very well taught I can see how much you love it too. Did JP actually invent it, not sure if I ever seen it in his videos? Mary Lyon Lagrange Illinois

  7. Suebelle
    Suebelle 8 years ago

    How is possible that this amazing apparatus has not been used more? Crazy man! Thanks for sharing! Something else about Pilates to fall in love with!

  8. soul_eil
    soul_eil 8 years ago

    Well because I am impatient, I just went into my studio and improvised using my super light springs attached to the guillotine, with the mat folded and secured up and used it as the back of the chair, and put my box in front for sitting with legs in diamond shape then moved it out for the kneeling exercises. It worked for most exercises. Just wondering if this is a legitimate option, because of course what didn’t work was there wasn’t a support for the back of head while seated during the beginning exercises. I found I really loved the support that the mat gave my back and that it really helped me make sure my shoulders were placed well.

  9. soul_eil
    soul_eil 8 years ago

    Is there any reason that these exercises can’t be done with the light springs and a tower if you don’t have this baby chair?
    I love this for shoulder stability for work for my special clients with ‘those shoulders’

  10. nigelmack 8 years ago

    Thank you MeJo, I love watching arm chair exercises whenever I can find any. I still don’t have an Arm Chair but it is high on my wish list. I’m sure every client I have will benefit from using one when I finally have one. Everyone I know suffers from shoulder instability or inflexibility of some kind or other and often some kind of pain. Even the weak shoulder exercises look good for a lot of “healthy” people I know, including me !

  11. Leolady 8 years ago

    Recently ordered an Arm Chair – now I can’t wait for it to arrive after watching your video!! 6 week suddenly feels like lie-time. I really appreciate your explanations of when to give the exercise and know that just about everyone in my studio is going to benefit from this new acquisition.

    I wonder, do you have a favourite or recommended exercise on the Arm Chair to address stenosis? Looking forward to your next videa. Thank you!

  12. joesmat 8 years ago

    Really enjoyed watching this piece of apparatus being demonstrated using quite a range of arm exercises, however, not having any apparatus, I am wondering if one could improvise!

    The first seated exercise you demonstrated with heels together, perhaps, this could be done on the mat, but always observing good form and using a Thera-band or Extra-tubing which have handles? We can purchase very strong Extra-Tubing for men!

    The Standing Arm Weight series immediately come to mind with common names; Boxing; Hug; Little and Large Circles; Rowing; Sparklers: Shaving. And Swakate on the mat. Not using the resistance of the springs, but, still working the same muscles groups I would imagine?

    Do any of these alternative suggestions fit the Classical remit, or perhaps, you have some suggestions please?

    Thank you very much.

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