Gina's Reformer on the Mat

Gina’s Reformer on the Mat

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Grab a set or arm weights (or water bottles!) and join Gina Papalia for a killer mat workout that follows the order of the Reformer. It’s intense but so rewarding because the next time you get on a Reformer everything will feel easy. Enjoy! Visit Gina at Grasshopper Pilates in NYC for workshops, teacher training, lessons and more.

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  1. Gina Papalia Author
    Gina Papalia 1 month ago

    Oh how exciting! I love when there is an Ah- Ha moment. We must always keep learning and moving! Let’s keep moving together! Be well! Let me know what you think about some of my other workouts. xx Gina

  2. ceflanagan 1 month ago

    Wow! That was great! Stomach Massage has a whole new meaning for me now!

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