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Kathi and her 3 victims, um students, demonstrate in this Pilates Mat how to give a strong man a workout that will make him understand what traditional, old-fashioned Pilates can do. The vigorous hands-on help here are precisely the ‘pushes’ shown in archival footage of Joe Pilates that Kathi has learned from her own teachers and should never be undertaken without a complete knowledge of how these pushes feel on one’s own body. Kathi’s point is that men who are used to working hard will be ready to refine the details of an exercise after they have experienced it in a broader sense. The end of the session includes a brief introduction to each of her students and their own experience of how the workout feels. Outtake alert! A big thank you to Pilates Challenge on NYC's Upper East Side where this class was filmed. For info on training with Kathi visit:

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  1. cybernetics
    cybernetics 2 months ago

    I have a question, how much do the girls weight?

    • Kathi Ross Nash Author

      I am 125 and have had a man of 215 on my tummy…. look at how thin the middle man is. Joe used to stand on women tummies! Crazy right?

  2. Angela Leone
    Angela Leone 4 years ago

    That was epic!!! Love your fire truly an inspiration ❤️

  3. linda nottberg 4 years ago

    Such a thorough workout – but I have a new man, age 70 – he is SOOOO stiff,!!!! Do you have any videos like this but for senior men who golf alot!
    many thanks – I love your classes
    just wondering… how often do you do your own personal practices? I’m 64 and find that once on the Reformer, Intermediate and then two other times during the week on the mat, is what i need. thank you!

  4. hojnikova
    hojnikova 6 years ago

    Loved it!

  5. wildwoodmommy 8 years ago

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!! Kathi your such an inspiration!!

  6. cristinaw 8 years ago

    Love it!! Kathi, you’re such an inspiration and love your style, shoes included 🙂 I’ve had male clients admit they’re “humbled” by the Pilates work. And as I often tell clients, “hate to burst your bubble, but we’re here to exercise!”

    • Kathi Ross Nash Author

      Lol I LOVE THAT!!!! Where is your studio???

      • cristinaw 8 years ago

        I’m in California. No studio of my own, but teach at a few places. Been doing Pilates for over 10yrs and started teaching a few years ago. One day at a time, just always working to better myself, learn and inspire others. Thanks for helping me do that 🙂

        • Kathi Ross Nash Author

          Well that is wonderful and your words echo my feelings ….
          Keep up the great work! It is a huge responsibility to care and hold another’s well being in our hands. What a gift Joe left us!

  7. Suebelle
    Suebelle 8 years ago

    So much fun!

  8. kellyreck
    kellyreck 8 years ago


  9. Reb 8 years ago

    LOVED it! Thank you, Kathi! If you are going to be in the UK, why don’t you swing by France?

  10. joesmat 8 years ago

    Press Up: MAKE A DIAMOND WITH YOUR HANDS. I have never seen this hand position before. Also, thank you for showing the variations of this exercise with hands, feet and legs.
    I have had a particular interest in the archival or “old fashioned way of doing the mat” for several years now, and I am eternally grateful to you for teaching and demonstrating it.
    The mats look ideal for this sort of practice.
    Truly appreciated.
    From a mat practitioner.

    • Kathi Ross Nash Author

      The Old Fashioned way is not the ARCHIVAL- it is the way the mat WAS taught before people began to water it down…
      The Archival work is considered Joe’s Trash- he threw out things as the method was developing and for around 3o years had set what is today the foundation of the Authentic- Classical or what ever it is called work
      Please listen to Jay’s interview if you have not- it is a GEM!!!!!!!!
      So thrilled you enjoyed it!

      • joesmat 8 years ago

        Please forgive any misinterpretation on my part. Apologies.

  11. Graceleuven 8 years ago


  12. presspaws
    presspaws 8 years ago

    What a beautifully tough class! Kathi, I need you to come over to the UK and work my partner’s butt out as he always complains when I try to teach him!

  13. Kathi Ross Nash Author


  14. lghammerle

    This class is an great learning tool for teachers. I’m going to put it in My Favorites to watch it again and again! Thank you Kathi!

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