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Join two experienced and strong students for a faced paced Advanced class with quick transitions. Alisa teaches Advanced exercises including Scissors and Bicycle, Jackknife, Leg Pull, Kneeling Knee Stretches, Side Bend, Boomerang, Rocking, Roll Over Control Balance and Crab.

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  1. PILATESDURHAM 4 years ago

    I’m trying to get the transitions down. I was never taught them for my certification…and it’s like learning a whole new set of exercises! Love your cues – really helping with my learning 🙂

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Oh yeah, the transitions are killers! For me it was remembering what came next that was the hardest part, it’s as good for your brain as it is for your body ;). Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  2. rshall 5 years ago

    Very nice workout! What makes this so great is, if you know the exercises, your cuing and counting is so good that you never need to look at the screen. If you aren’t as familiar with the moves, you can watch and see good demonstrations.

  3. Amy Barzdukas
    Amy Barzdukas 6 years ago

    it really never gets old

  4. sheilamcgregor 8 years ago

    So great as usual Alisa! Was feeling grumpy & tired before this class and now feel wonderful!!! You just gotta LOVE pilates eh??!!!

  5. shelleyhornett 8 years ago

    Hi Alisa,
    As always loved this class you are a wonderful teacher,you have such a beautiful voice.
    I am a core dynamics certified pilates teacher and practice classically daily.I am always interested in others teachers tips on mastering leg pull back on the mat as it is my nemisis and would love to hear your ideas or any helpful tips.
    Thanks again for putting together this fabulous website.

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Hi Shelley, Thank you for you sweet comment, it’s always awful to hear your own voice so it’s especially nice to know it’s just me who can’t stand hearing me talk haha. I’m so honored that you find our site helpful, and will do a video for our Exercise Library for Leg Pull asap (you’re talking about the one where you are facing up, correct? In his book Joe just calls it Leg Pull and the one facing down is Leg Pull Front). For now, my tips are: when you go to lift your body into that upward facing plank, think of stretching open the front of your body, while your backside supports you and your middle (especially your inner thighs) hug together to keep your plank solid. Imagine a heavy truck could roll right down your plank–you are that strong and lifted, like a balloon is holding your hips up. Do this part a few times so you get the feel of getting up into your plank dynamically–try not to make it a big deal, just lift right up! Once you feel like you can get up and hold yourself together, try keeping your integrity as you lift one leg. Can you do it without dropping your hips or letting the other leg rotate out? Don’t forget to reach through the leg that’s lifting as much as the one that is on the ground is reaching, they both have to reach equally or else your butt will drop. Again, don’t make the lifting leg a big deal, just swing it up without tension, like you’re reaching your toe for a spot on the ceiling. I could go on but that should get you started. I’ll let you know when we get a video up! Alisa

  6. lainey48 8 years ago

    You are a fantastic teacher and love the pace of your classes. I have done all the advanced workouts. I only have a mat not any other equipment.I would love a class on using props like the foam roller or exercise ball or both. Just makes exercising more fun!!

    • Alisa Wyatt

      I’m thrilled you’re having fun working out with me! I have some new classes coming up in September, one which uses leg weights (the kind you strap to your ankle) and arm weights too. We have chosen not to use balls or rollers on Pilatesology because they were not used by Joe and it’s our goal to preserve his original system :). At times there are reasons a ball or a roller is a useful prop (I love rolling on a Roller myself!) so once in a while we might have a class that uses one for a specific reason, but not as a focus for an entire class. Thanks for writing with this question, we get asked it a lot and hope to give you so much variety in the classical work that you’ll never get bored.

  7. nomeynomes 8 years ago

    Alisa, I have clicking in my left hip especially when I’m doing single straight leg stretch, how can help prevent this? (it happens in a few other exercises too). Great workout, love the good speed 🙂

    • Alisa Wyatt

      I’m guessing you are female? Clicking is very common, especially for women and it’s not anything to worry about, unless you have pain. It happens to me on SSLS too. You can often reduce the clicking by slowing down a bit, reduce your range of motion and try to anchor in your low belly as you lengthen in your spine. Leg springs can help with clicking so if it bugs you, get into a studio.

  8. carmit80 8 years ago

    I love it!

  9. Alyson 8 years ago

    Another great workout!

  10. Allison 9 years ago

    Really enjoyed the flow of this workout! Thanks Alisa!

  11. Fantastic workout! Good flow and good speed.

  12. joesmat 9 years ago

    As a mat student, I have to congratulate your two strong students level of proficiency at the matwork. Love it.

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