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Join Moses Urbano and first-time Pilates student Lisa in this demonstration of a typical introductory lesson using the Reformer, Mat and Magic Circle. In just half an hour, Moses covers the basics while showing how to get a beginner to understand the movements. This detailed video is perfect for instructors looking to get tips on teaching first-timers, enjoy! Visit Moses at

What Others Are Saying


  1. FlexStudio 2 months ago

    i learned so much just by observing, without him having to ovderexplain things! kgosi from flex

  2. PILATESDURHAM 4 years ago

    I loved that sooooo much! So helpful to see how Moses kept his corrections to a minimum , I could almost see him making a mental list of things to mention ‘next time’. Loved the flow and the way he introduced the exercises and got Lisa MOVING!

  3. MegHamilton
    MegHamilton 4 years ago

    Thank you Lisa!!!! Way to go; it’s hard to be filmed doing something new and you were awesome! Oh Moses, you were good too;) Seriously, thanks so much for this….a great refresher class.

  4. leslie 4 years ago

    Thank Alisa and Moses. I love the Short Box ,flexion of feet ,connecting the seat , and lift.

  5. kikiberlin 4 years ago

    Love it!!!
    What a wonderful first lesson!!!

  6. tracy 4 years ago

    Love the emphasis on the “Lift”

  7. tracy 4 years ago

    I agree John that a real beginner teaches us so much!

  8. pjennings 4 years ago

    Ditto what Jon said. As a new teacher, it helps to see how most clients’ bodies really are. I’ve been caught off guard as to what to do, in “tree” for example, when they can’t even do “rocking back” before “walking down” their leg. Very helpful, Moses and Lisa!

  9. Jon Hawkins

    It’s so useful to see real clients being taught in these videos. Thank you to Moses for sharing his experience, Lisa for allowing us to watch her first lesson (so exciting to see her body responding and changing with the movement) and Jack and Alisa for this consistently wonderful resource. Loved how he built the positions for some exercises before taking it into the movement but made swapping between the positions into an exercise in themselves.

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