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In this video Moses Urbano demonstrates how to conduct a lesson with a healthy beginner. Moses goes over important questions to ask the client, and explains why and how he designed the workout based on the answers received. After assessing his student Tim's condition on the Reformer, he conducts the rest of the lesson on the mat with focus on engaging the Powerhouse and increasing flexibility in the spine and hips. You'll get a good idea of how much attention to give the client's individual needs, how to cue, and how much emphasis to put on technique without overwhelming the student and sacrificing movement - the perfect cocktail for making your beginners feel accomplished and craving more! Visit Moses at Access Pilates.

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  1. ewapilates
    ewapilates 3 years ago

    The hair! The body!The mind!The person! Impacable! THANK YOU:):):)

  2. Lucy McBride 4 years ago

    That was brilliant! Learnt loads ????????????????

  3. janie jennings 4 years ago

    Great cues

  4. Fabulous! !! Romana, would love your hair…. I can remember when you took a lesson with her in Arlington Tx. I still remember your lesson Likeep it was yesterday She loved you so much.

  5. robertapilates 4 years ago

    Wow! Good job both of you! ????

  6. nonna 4 years ago

    Great work! Great fun! Thank you Moses!

  7. Christina Maria Gadar

    A few years ago Moses was visiting a friend near my home in Florida and was kind enough to stop by my studio to give me a lesson just before heading back to the other coast. I learned so much from him in that one lesson and I learned a lot from watching this lesson today. He demonstrated some fresh ways to break down the exercises for beginners. Moses is a gift to the Pilates world!

  8. pilatesgal50 4 years ago

    That was awesome! Such effective details that really transformed the client’s body as he did the exercises. More Moses, please!

  9. joesmat 4 years ago

    One of the best pieces of Instruction I have seen of the combined and co-ordinated use of the hip movement in the Pilates Mat Methodology.
    The Gentleman demonstrating must be any Instructors delight!
    Can we possibly see much more of Mr Moses Urbano detailed Instruction of the entire Mat series of exercises?
    Thank you indeed Mr Urbano.

  10. pilatesangel 4 years ago

    Fantastic to watch and observe Moses! Wow! Great session!

  11. ladyjane 4 years ago

    Great to see you on pilatesology Moses! Look forward to seeing much more! Thank you !

  12. Jean Goulet 4 years ago

    Hi, Moses. Great class! I love the details I am excited to see more classes.

  13. Mary
    Mary 4 years ago

    It’s wonderful to see Moses on Pilatesology. Great lesson.

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