First Time Reformer with MeJo (with Turkish Translation)

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Mejo ile İlk Reformer Deneyimi / Bu mükemmel bölümde Mejo önceden hiç tanımadığı bir kişiyi reformerla tanıştıracak ve ona hayatının ilk reformer dersini verecek. Mejo'nun üzerinde durduğu detayları ve öğrencisinin ihtiyacı olan herşeyi onu zorlamadan nasıl yaptırdığını bu bölümde öğreneceksiniz. Bu videoda Mejo'nun bu dersini büyülenmişçesine sessizlikle izleyen eğitmen kitlesini göremiyor olacaksınız. Mejo ve bu videonun çekildiği İstanbul Klasik Pilates Konferansı ile ilgili daha fazlası için'u ziyaret edebilirsiniz.
In this brilliant session, MeJo Wiggin teaches a Pilates practitioner whom she has never met, her first-ever Reformer lesson. Learn the key details that MeJo focuses on to give her student what she needs without overwhelming her. What you can't see in this video is the large audience of teachers watching in mesmerized silence as MeJo takes her through her paces. Find out more about working with MeJo at as well as Murat's annual Classical Pilates Conference Istanbul where this was filmed.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Fitchick72 1 year ago

    As always Mejo is brilliant! Fabulous hands on instruction, and her energy is inspiring.

  2. Lannette
    Lannette 3 years ago

    I really enjoyed this practice! I love Mejo’s instructions. She has a way of helping me rise above what I assume is possible.

  3. Tani
    Tani 5 years ago

    Watching this video reinforced the idea that movement is a universal language. I loved to see how Mejo quickly connected a beginner student to the work and couldn’t rely solely on verbal cues. I will absolutely take away the efficiency and proficiency in Mejo’s cueing (hands on, demonstation and verbal). She was even instructing the translator on what to say! Thank you for sharing.

  4. joesmat 5 years ago

    One assumes that the young Lady demonstrating has been practicing the Matwork. If so, it clearly comes through in her work on the Apparatus. She has to be a model student!
    The simplicity of Mejo Wiggin’s Instructions was illuminating. Hands On/Lift & Reach.

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