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Watch out! This Reformer session is only for the most advanced and in-control practitioners. For the entire workout, you will use only 1 or 2 springs and sometimes none. As you’ll immediately discover, fewer springs mean your core has to work much, much harder. And just in case you’re thinking that’s no problem, for exercises that normally use 1 spring, you’ll instead use 2. That’s right, you’ll be doing Teaser and Horseback with 2 springs, yeeha! Have a blast and let us know how you did in the comments below. Filmed at Miguel’s teacher training center The Lab, in Algarve, Portugal, visit him at Uno Pilates.  

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  1. jenna 6 months ago

    I loved watching this, everything about this class is perfect. Thank you.

  2. marciadonald123
    marciadonald123 8 months ago

    Oh how I love Miguel, let me count the ways! He is such a wonderful instructor and so much fun❤️

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