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Lindsey is a mother of 3 and enjoys spending time with each of her children. Today she gets to work out with Gwen who is 11 years old. Gwen has great coordination and understanding of the movement through her classes in ballet and jazz and is looking to strengthen her center to improve her dance technique. Lindsey is an experienced Pilates student who is recovering from a low back injury and finds the thoughtful pace and specifics of this class valuable for learning how to move without tension. Filmed at Vintage Pilates in West Los Angeles.

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  1. Sandy Shimoda Author

    Thanks Karen! I am now working with Gwen’s younger sister who comes in regularly and finds Pilates helpful for hockey and gaining awareness of her growing body.

  2. Karen Perea 4 years ago

    Nice!I have a 10 years old ballerina/gymnast daughter, and sometimes it is tougher to teach her than any beginner regular student, because sometimes it is harder for kids to focus and follow instructions. But you did it in a nice and gentle way.

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