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Join Blossom for a flowing mat workout that creates isometric strength to activate your core. This internal work teaches your muscles to hug to the bones and streamlines your body while protecting the joints and building deep core strength. Visit Blossom at her studio in Brooklyn, NY at Bridge Pilates.

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  1. sostrow5 3 years ago

    This was so exhilarating! Blossom is great — clear and challenging but with a light, playful tone. What I love about these videos is the progress is evident. So much fun. Question: why “angry turtle?”
    Thank you, thank you!!

  2. Nievalstover 3 years ago

    This class is so, so great. In fact, I love all of your classes Blossom! I’m new to pilates and do not have any equipment other than a mat and magic circle. Your mat classes are so full of energy and interesting that I can’t wait for morning to come so that I can do another one! Thanks for your energy. Niamh

  3. pamdej 3 years ago

    Hi Blossom. Great class. Love the energy. ❤️

  4. DeniseK56
    DeniseK56 4 years ago

    Hi Blossom Great class. Love the variations you provided. What I don’t understand is the cue “Don’t go to the bathroom when you sit back” Can you explain that please. Thanks

  5. Minicatoo1 4 years ago

    Had to do one of your mats blossom since I didn’t catch you in London at Ali’s studio. I freeeaaakin love this !! I had been doing a lot in turn out so was great that you did most things in parallel. Nice pace but still felt controlled thank you fabulous energy as always xx

  6. elifegeli86 5 years ago

    Dear Blossom,
    What a great class! Thank you 🙂
    Would like to see more mat classes from you

  7. Kara Wily
    Kara Wily 5 years ago

    I really liked the side kick variations — I have been really aware I need ab/addiction and how you cued to get into teaser. My body woke up telling me to do side kicks, glad I found this workout today! Thanks

    • Blossom Leilani Crawford Author
      Blossom Leilani Crawford 5 years ago

      Thanks Kara! So glad you enjoyed this class. Now I need to rewatch it and remember what side kicks I did in this video! Aloha. Blossom

  8. N1727
    N1727 6 years ago

    This is now my favorite mat class! Thank you! 🙂

  9. Helena Birecki
    Helena Birecki 6 years ago

    Love, love, love! Did not think I could do the one leg down and up but you make everything so inviting =)

    • Blossom Leilani Crawford Author
      Blossom Leilani Crawford 6 years ago

      Hi Helena! I am glad you enjoyed this. xoxoxox

  10. leem 6 years ago

    Hi Blossom,

    First ever mat class on pilatesology. Loved it!!
    What’s a turtle head?

    • Blossom Leilani Crawford Author
      Blossom Leilani Crawford 6 years ago

      I am glad you enjoyed the class. A turtle head is an image for lengthening your neck. I believe I talk about it more in the “Restorative Mat Warm Up” class I taught. Check it out if you can. If you have more questions, email me! aloha, Blossom

  11. Blossom Leilani Crawford Author
    Blossom Leilani Crawford 6 years ago

    Liesbeth, so glad you enjoyed those “beauty legs”. I look forward to teaching you in person one day! Aloha, Blossom

    • LKVB 6 years ago

      I might explode with joy when I get a lesson! Warning: when things get tough I am laugher like the awesome student up you have here. 🙂

  12. LKVB 6 years ago

    Hi Blossom, I did this mat after biking up a monster hill so my legs feel extra beautiful! I love the ‘beauty legs’ series so much. Can’t wait for more. Best always, liesbeth

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