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If you spend a lot of time trapped at your computer, this is the session to get you out of that chair every couple of hours for some re-energizing movement. Jay leads you through 4 easy, active exercises that are guaranteed to leave your blood circulating, your body and mind refreshed.  Filmed at Vintage Pilates in Los Angeles, CA.

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  1. Costanzin94 6 months ago

    Wonderful – Thank you!

  2. jeanwilcox 5 years ago

    Really enjoyed that reboot before going back into a class.
    Thank You

  3. choi
    choi 5 years ago


  4. joelcrosby

    This is a great quick series. Really works great to wake up sleeping stagnant muscles.Thank for sharing all of your experience Jay.

  5. Luz Alejandra Lovern

    That is perfecto! Working for real and playful.

    Thanks from my heart Mr. Jay Grimes I will try to promote here in Qatar.

  6. jenna 7 years ago

    short and sweet! Thank you Mr. Grimes.

  7. Lori 8 years ago

    2 Thumbs up!!

  8. I had lots of fun watching letting alone doing!!!

  9. joesmat 9 years ago

    I constantly strive to source the original Method – Thank you for sharing this delightful and fun routine.Jay. Wonderful invigorating set of exercises to use for a Warm Up.

  10. ufk730 9 years ago

    Wonderful–I have been spending soooo much time watching (and enjoying) all the Pilatesology videos, that these exercises are greatly appreciated!!!

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