Case Study: Lily’s Scoliosis

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Lauren’s student for this lesson is 17-year-old Lily whose scoliosis was painful and severe. She had been to many doctors and their only recommendation was complete spinal fusion. Lucky for her, her mother researched other options and found Pilates. After her very first lesson, Lily says she woke up with no back pain for the first time in months. The immediate results that Lily found were just the beginning of a journey toward health and balance in her body. With Pilates in her life there appears to be no need for surgery at all. Among the interesting things to note about Lily’s workout is that she’s simply doing classical Pilates--sometimes with a slightly lighter spring or a pillow for support under her head--but there’s nothing new in this lesson besides an application of the work for this particular body’s needs. It’s something Romana taught her teachers every day through her own example. Filmed at Pilates Seattle International where you can learn to teach, take Pilates lessons or Physical Therapy.

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  1. McLachlan 3 years ago

    Hello Lauren,
    DId you opt not to do the long stretch series due to time or the nature of the exercises? The pillow under the neck is that something you do all the time?
    Is Lily an intermediate body or do you stay mostly with the beginner series and then focus on the special needs on other apparatuses? I am working with a lady mid 30’s similar build ,petite frame. but athletic. Any other tips please pass along. Thank You.

  2. Jean Goulet 7 years ago

    thank you, Lauren and thank you Lily. Lily, you are an inspiration, I can’t wait to see you again in another year.

  3. Reb 7 years ago

    Thanks for this video, Lauren. Can you tell us how many springs you used for footwork?

  4. Steffi 7 years ago

    May I ask how severe is her scoliosis?

  5. May
    May 7 years ago

    The baby chair exercises appear beneficial. More please!

  6. lghammerle

    Hi Lauren, Does Lily have a partial spinal fusion? any vertebra fused? Her back looks stiff and I am wondering if that stiffness is just from the scoliosis or a partial fusion?
    I’m sure Pilates has helped her spine to become more mobile and balanced. I’m glad Lily feels better from her Pilates practice.

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