Athlete’s Rolling Mat

Athlete’s Rolling Mat

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Turn on the power in your center with this quick and crazy hard mat circuit that repeats three times. This is the perfect series for athletes pre-game or as a daily quick workout! Visit Victoria at her studio Pilates66 on New York City’s Upper East Side.

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  1. Mudrapilates 2 years ago

    WOW!! I can not wait to try this one out. Thank you 🙂

  2. Lucerobarry
    Lucerobarry 2 years ago

    Holy crap! Good one:) I will revisit this thx for the challenge!

  3. Nicole Smith 5 years ago

    Love this! Also love the idea of adding in the swan!!

  4. Suebelle
    Suebelle 5 years ago

    I love that those two gorgeous students were giggling and WORKING!!! Fun!

  5. leslienasr

    Never a dull moment with you Victoria, thank you for keeping us on our toes!!

  6. Jenny Anticoli 5 years ago

    Love this!!! Thank you.

  7. Jenny Anticoli 5 years ago

    Such a fun challenge! I’m adding this to my triathlon training and will work into sessions with athletes. Thank you!

  8. annie zpaz
    annie zpaz 5 years ago

    Short, intense and super fun!

    • Victoria Torrie-Capan Author
      Victoria Torrie-Capan 5 years ago

      Thank you! I enjoy this quick challenge too.

  9. joesmat 5 years ago

    Dear Instructor -Victoria Torrie-Capan –
    This is a nice challenge set of exercises.
    However, I wonder why did you not integrate an extension exercise to balance out the intense flexion movements in the body.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    • Victoria Torrie-Capan Author
      Victoria Torrie-Capan 5 years ago

      Hello! Thank you for the insightful question, I do teach a variation of this series that includes the swan. This time I chose to leave out the swan due to time constraints.

      If you would like to add the swan, after rolling onto your side continue rolling onto the front of the body into the swan dive.

      Thank you for viewing this workout!

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