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Join Bob Liekens for a speedy Intermediate Reformer that will have you working the springs rather than the springs working you. Bob has a true talent for demystifying the goal of each exercise while he encourages you to get there. You might be surprised to find yourself accomplishing more than you normally do and with a confidence that comes from knowing where you're going. If you find this class a tough workout, you'll be happy to know that his student Micah Wylie—a Pilates instructor himself—did as well! Thanks go to Zoe Hagler whose beautiful classical studio is featured in this video. Visit her in Pasadena, California at Zoe: A Pilates Studio.


What Others Are Saying


  1. 1 year ago

    Now this is a truly professional video. Lots of movement and flow and a variety of exceptional cueing. No arrogance and Bob is excellent at working with the participant w/out the
    “private jokes” or other extraneous babble. He treats the participant with respect and still has an extremely pleasant demeanor- PLUS- without all the babble, he gets in so many wonderful cues without overwhelming the participant and at the same time keeps the participant moving in a flowing manner.
    I will continue to study from Bob.

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Thank you so much for your feedback andrea.jones. I wish Bob was still with us to see your comment himself but tragically he passed away last October. He is greatly missed!

  2. Lucerobarry
    Lucerobarry 2 years ago

    Oh my heart! So glad to have been able to workout with Bob. RIP❤️

  3. Digidesigns 2 years ago

    This is such a great reformer series, His teaching technique, touches and cues are so wonderful.

  4. AHORRY 2 years ago

    I totally agree with the rest! More Bob Liekens.. the guy reads the body like a book, gives clear and concise instructions delivering the best workout! Alysa please please make it happen! Thank you for delivering such quality work on your site! 🙂

  5. Lisa11Taylor 2 years ago

    Bob is my favourite! Great cues and rhythm on this workout. Thanks Bob and would love to see more here.

  6. MindyTaylor
    MindyTaylor 3 years ago

    Would love a new Bob session! Please….

  7. Victoria Sommer 3 years ago

    Please more of Bob!!!!!

  8. Alisa Wyatt

    Hi Pilates_Lover,
    I think Jack already got back to you–this video is working fine on our end. If you have trouble streaming, it usually helps to lower the quality of the stream by clicking on the Quality Selector (it’s on the bottom right of the player screen next to the volume selector). Use the lowest quality and it’ll stream faster.

  9. varvara 6 years ago

    I attented a seminar with Bob two days ago in Athens,Greece.What can i say…the man is a total “reveal”.

  10. jfmiletic
    jfmiletic 6 years ago

    Oh how I loved to watch and workout with you again, Bob!! It’s not the same as live, but it’s such a sweet, sweet substitute. Thank you for this video and for feeding my pilates passion since 2007 – missed you very much in South Florida this year!

    I hope to see more Bob videos coming soon!

  11. AmyBeth68
    AmyBeth68 6 years ago

    Wonderful workout Bob. I’ve enjoyed many of your workshops and your love and passion for authentic pilates taught with beautiful, mindful cueing has been my inspiration.

  12. Graceleuven 6 years ago

    waauw !

  13. hadrianus

    Bob!! My Pilates mentor, best teacher ever, always enthusiastic and dynamic, perfect cues and hands on. His voice on the Classical Pilates DVD attracted me most to become a Pilates Instructor. I always lookforward to meet him and study with him when he comes to visit us in Austria.

  14. Elvy Perez Zorich

    Great class! Was looking to do a quick and simple but precise reformer workout, and really enjoyed this one 🙂

  15. carmenkenig 7 years ago

    Bob has been my Pilates mentor since I got certified six years ago in NYC. I love his enthusiasm and passion in teaching. He is the most generous teacher in the Pilates world. Alisa, thank you for adding Bob to your collection of amazing teachers. I hope to see more videos of Bob on in the future.

  16. Beata
    Beata 7 years ago

    What a treat! I’ve only known Bob’s work from the Classical Pilates DVD, which he instructed in voice-over, so I had no idea how energetic and hands-on he is in person. I hope I’ll have the opportunity to take a class with him some day. 🙂

  17. Alexandra Bohlinger
    Alexandra Bohlinger 7 years ago

    Love it! Dynamic, precision, flow and down to work!

  18. Siri Dharma Galliano

    Great riddum to the workout! Nice to see Romana’s favorite Reformer with the black trim and the older, easier wooden block extensor. Technical differences in Upstretch and Elephant and others, but the best cuing I’ve ever seen for Knees off. So glad Bob is done with ten years of Gallagher and ten years of Sichel and finally free to teach as he wants, who he wants.

    • joesmat 7 years ago

      May I ask please what were the “technical differences in the Upstretch and Elephant and others” that you identified, and in what way were they technical different?
      Thank you.

      • joesmat 7 years ago

        Excuse the error in my previous note; corrected below:

        May I ask you please, what were the “technical differences in the UPSTRETCH and ELEPHANT and others” that you identified, and can you explain in what way were they technically different?
        Thank you very much.

  19. Kara Rice 7 years ago

    Great class. I loved his instruction I’m going to watch several more times so I can remember those cues!!!

  20. Holly 7 years ago

    Fantastic. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more of bobs good work. Tu bob, thank you pilatesology . London . X

  21. joelcrosby

    Bob, I loved your enthusiasm and precision in teaching . I worked with you when you have come to Atlanta, and this video reminded me of how fun it was to take a class with you. Hope to see some more videos here. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  22. kaily 7 years ago

    Great workout! When I can put parallel on semi circle? Thank you.

  23. Ynowak 7 years ago

    That was fantastic, thank you!

  24. ladyjane 7 years ago

    Great to see you again Bob! A pleasure to watch!!!

  25. Such a pleasure to watch! Bob, always with a positive approach to deepen the movement! Love it!!

  26. rshall 7 years ago

    Fantastic! Can’t wait to see more videos of Bob teaching, especially advanced mat and reformer!

  27. joesmat 7 years ago

    Thank you Alisa and Jack for letting us see this legendary teacher at work. His knowledge and teaching ability is very special indeed.Learned so much from his hands on emphasis in helping to achieve the goal of the exercises. Personally speaking, I truly hope you have more videos coming up of Mr Liekens teaching the Method, perhaps, including a detailed mat workout!

  28. lghammerle

    This is a great intermediate reformer workout. Bob-Very nice thorough and positive instruction. Micah-You demonstrated wonderfully. Thank you both!

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