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Youth Serum Mat

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Niedra Gabriel leads you through her own daily anti-aging workout and she’s proof that Pilates keeps you young for a lifetime. Along with her students Michele Jongheel and Regi Elliott, you’ll practice simple, effective movements aimed at strengthening your core, stretching your spine and restoring your standing balance. No matter your age, you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready for your day! For info on retreats, teacher training and more visit


This class felt like a calibration for my imbalanced hips. Thank you, Niedra!

Niedra Gabriel Niedra Gabriel Topic starter 12/01/2020 9:58 am

Thank you Oriane, I am so happy to read this comment. Enjoy your recalibrated hips - Hip hip hoora....


Awesome workout! Thank you 😊

Niedra Gabriel Niedra Gabriel Topic starter 25/04/2020 4:25 pm

Glad you enjoyed the workout


This was great! Thank you! I feel like it would also be a good one to add to the postpartum playlists too.

Alisa Wyatt Alisa Wyatt 30/04/2020 9:18 am

Oh thank you ceflanagan, I will add it to the list today!