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Don’t be fooled by Molly’s sweet demeanor—in the first few minutes of this class you’ll be fully aware of how deeply her cues reach. If your body needs extra help in the lower belly area, you’re in the right place because this is the workout Molly’s been doing herself to erase the last traces of her pregnancy and clearly it's working! You’ll use a Magic Circle, 2 pound Arm Weights, and Leg Weights to add challenge to familiar moves. Prepare to feel this one for days!

What Others Are Saying


  1. Geovannal 4 years ago

    Excellent, you are one of my favorites

  2. Dolores Coeck 5 years ago

    Great workout!!!

  3. pilates 5 years ago

    Nice and calm yet great challenge. Enjoyed even though I am not post natal:)

  4. Cathy Romano 6 years ago

    Great workout! Especially loved the sidekick series! How many pounds were your ankle weights?

  5. Thanks Molly! Love the way you cue! Enjoyed this very much 🙂

  6. pilatesangel 7 years ago

    I loved your use of weights with the circle! I can see Mari thru you… her side legs with weights….killer…..love it! Thanks!

  7. LKVB 7 years ago

    great class Molly! perfect amount of twists and turns to make it fresh. 🙂

  8. lainey48 7 years ago

    I liked your class. Going to add it to my favorites. Loved that you made the class more interesting by using weights and magic circle!

  9. Ninakerbler 7 years ago

    Really a good workout, specially the side kicks… The green leggings helps to follow the programm …!!!

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