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Your mat will never be the same after this transformative session with Jennifer Kries! A true star of the Pilates world, her powerful energy is both uplifting and demanding as she takes you on a journey so effective, you’ll truly understand the music of movement that is Pilates. Jennifer uses a Magic Circle for this workout to engage your core in ways you didn’t know possible. Enjoy! You can learn more about Jennifer’s complete line of downloadable and DVDs at: www.JenniferKries.com. Big thanks to HIP Studio in Hermosa Beach where this class was filmed.

What Others Are Saying


  1. precious74 1 year ago

    One of favorite teacher!
    thank you , great class
    M xxx

  2. Anais17 3 years ago

    Wonderful workout! Love the challenge, the pace and the precision.

  3. Caboose 4 years ago

    Really challenging class for a senior. Cues were excellent and pace was good. I am energized for the day.

  4. Erica Van Stralen
    Erica Van Stralen 5 years ago

    Jennifer, you are so nice and friendly!
    Not only does the Method makes you feel good, your beautiful personality does that too!

    Happy Hundreds from Holland,

  5. Lscott2351 5 years ago

    I found a new favorite class and a new favorite teacher. All I can say is WOW. The work was beyond words and the corrections/reminders with feet, hips, shoulders was what I always need

  6. Kara Wily
    Kara Wily 5 years ago

    Wonderful class! I got so much out of it, I especially liked the jack knife, got it right in my PH!

  7. Kimmie 6 years ago

    She gracefully and methodically demands perfection, while giving you everything necessary in order to reach the most of what you have inside of you…and I just love it!!!!!

    Thank you for this gift.

  8. celiamaluf 6 years ago

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Your teaching is so inspiring! Absolutely fantastic. So refreshing and re-affirming for my own teaching. I can just hope to meet you one day and take a lesson ( or 2 or ….)

  9. rshall 6 years ago

    Love the great energy and precision!

  10. Vered Hofton 6 years ago

    Wow that was hard thanks!!!!!

  11. Katarzyna Dabek 7 years ago

    i have done this workout maybe 4 times, and I like it with every time more and more (being able to absorb more cues as well)!

  12. Jennifer Kries Author
    Jennifer Kries 7 years ago

    Thanks for the wonderful comments everyone! It’s a delight to be here on Pilatesology with you, and I look forward to more! Warmest regards, Jennifer

    MARYLYON 7 years ago

    Thanks Jenifer, looking forward to meeting you at Ranch LaPuerta for Pilates Week in Mexico next week. Great Job!! Mary Lyon Lagrange Il

  14. pilatesangel 7 years ago

    I have such a crush on Jennifer! My first Pilates tape (that’s how old it is) was her mat class over 10 years ago and her attention to detail and emphasis on energy translate into every exercise. I love the order taken and use of props that ensure firing! patterns of the musculature increases success for those more challenging exercises! I am soooo happy to see her join the wonderful teachers here at Pilatesology! Thanks so much

  15. LKVB 7 years ago

    Killer class! Loved the detail and energy. Really translated well for us out here in TV land. Thank you. Please more of this awesome teacher!

  16. kathy taylor 7 years ago

    Always an inspiration! Perfect cues, awesome imagery – strength, precision and my favorite, “effortless effort”. Thank you for a wonderful class!

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