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Need a workout that will clear your head? Treat your body and mind to a full, cleansing hour of Tower time with Chris! He starts you off with a smooth cocktail of Roll Down Bar stretches that evolve into a full body workout that moves with uninterrupted focus and flow. No need to rush - Chris leads at a steady, even pace to give you just enough time to deepen your exercises, indulge in your stretches and maintain control without compromising movement and circulation. Just go with the flow! Visit Chris at Dorothee Vandewalle's studio Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Lynda Tueller 2 years ago

    Love watching this, Chris! You are always inspiring. “You never know whats gonna happen next…” Haha! Miss you tons! xoxox

  2. Parthenope
    Parthenope 2 years ago

    Loved the variations, flow, and stretching. Perfect work

  3. leem 2 years ago

    Thank you! Long time student that just invested in a home tower unit. This hour covers many different attainable moves, and was paced just right!

  4. Chris Blackburn Author
    Chris Blackburn 4 years ago

    Thank you. It’s a good challenge and a way to shake things up!

  5. Jogo149 4 years ago

    Really fresh! I can’t wait to get into the studio to try this. Thank you.

  6. Alexis Miller
    Alexis Miller 4 years ago

    Nice to do a workout with you Chris! Enjoyed the variations and your teaching style. Hugs.

  7. McLachlan 4 years ago

    I am a new teacher however been a Pilates enthusiast for well over a decade . Really enjoyed your clear precise teaching and ease of flow. An inspiration.

  8. pele 4 years ago

    Super! Loved the variations, flow, and stretching. Perfect.

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