Tips for Teaching Double Leg Kicks

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In this quick teaching video, Chris Blackburn demonstrates how to spot the Double Leg Kicks on the mat. You’ll learn exactly where to place your hands on your client's shoulders, how to shift your weight to spot the exercise effortlessly and when you straighten your legs to avoid getting kicked in the bottom by your client. For Teacher Training, private lessons and more, visit Chris at Dorothee Vandewalle's studio Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle.

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  1. Lynda Tueller 7 months ago

    Love you, Chris!!! Thank you.

  2. jszachara 7 months ago

    That was so helpful!!! I’ve been working on my C-Curve lift but didn’t relate it to open leg rocker or rolling like a ball. I finally can do open leg rocker!!

    • jszachara 7 months ago

      So sorry. This got posted to the wrong segment.

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