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Do you struggle with deciding what to charge, or sometimes even find yourself apologizing for your pricing? Don't let the price dilemma get the best of you! Watch this quick video and learn the key principles behind getting comfortable with what you charge. You'll find this especially useful if you're considering a price increase. Leave questions or comments for Seran below! You can also contact her directly at SpringThree, or get more business tips from Seran's free business resources at:

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  1. agreen1983
    agreen1983 2 years ago

    This is really helpful thank you

  2. camiladall
    camiladall 4 years ago

    Dear, Seran! So simple and clear and at the same time so effective. Thanks for sharing your key principles. I’ll contact you at SpringThree.
    Best regards from Brazil!
    Camila Dall’Agnol

  3. Holly Quaglia Wells 4 years ago

    Soooooo good to hear this! Thank you!!!!

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