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Next to Joseph Pilates himself, Mari Winsor is probably the most widely known name in the Pilates biz. From her best-selling videos to the long list of celebrities that frequent her studios, Mari’s lasting success is testament to both her talent as a teacher and her business acumen. Here she shares her own tips for teachers on how to work with new clients so they’ll stay with you forever. Any teacher interested in building a successful business can benefit from Mari’s common sense advice, from how to motivate your clients, what to do if they come in with an injury and how to make them want to come back. To see Mari's advice in action, watch her previous class Pilates Primer with Mari Winsor. Visit Mari at her website, This class was filmed at her studio, Winsor Pilates in West Hollywood.

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  1. Molly Niles Renshaw
    Molly Niles Renshaw 2 years ago

    I love this video for its content as much as hearing Mari’s voice again and seeing her healthy. I miss her presence in the studio!

  2. Tulsa King 6 years ago

    Thank you, Mari. This is such great information since I’m in process of teacher training and so much to think about!

  3. gogogal 7 years ago

    Words of wisdom 🙂 Thank you Mari!

    MARYLYON 8 years ago

    Thanks Mari, a lttle silence is golden. Great advise!!

  5. ladyjane 8 years ago

    Great advice mari, keep them moving , and make it fun. They will be back!

  6. sheilamcgregor 8 years ago

    I like that – “Don’t talk too much”. So true! And to “keep it simple”. Enjoyed – thx!

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