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Did you know there’s a series of exercises in Pilates that can keep the muscles that support your head strong and relaxed? Jay calls it the Pilates Face Lift and you will too when you experience the difference it makes in your upper body. By creating the vital circulation that wards off wrinkles, sagging skin and pasty cheeks you’ll feel renewed in less than 10 minutes, no surgery required. Get ready to glow! Filmed at Vintage Pilates in West Los Angeles, CA.

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  1. BPilates1 12 months ago

    Thank you! I’ve used a few times at the end of group classes and have gotten lovely feedback. The best, though, was yesterday. A client confided before the start of a full group reformer class that she had a splitting headache and would likely leave during class and wanted me to not take it personally if she left mid-class. I opened with a face-lift prior to foot-work. The client stayed the entire class and at the end I asked how she felt. Her response was to throw her arms around me saying “I feel completely better! It’s gone! Thank you!”. For me, it was the face-lift that did the trick to bridge her into class; everyone else just thought they were getting a special treat. Thank you for another trick for the tool-box!

  2. Obenaus
    Obenaus 2 years ago

    Hi Jay, I believe you 🙂 ???? all the best!

  3. agreen1983
    agreen1983 3 years ago

    Brilliant I’m going to try this tomorrow!

  4. catedavies 3 years ago

    Love your teaching. More please!!!

  5. Luz Alejandra Lovern

    I am truly love this Man, Jay you made me laugh today, and yes the felts so good in my neck and yes face lift is the second effect of this wonderful exercises with the Magic Circle and yes Magic happen! love to all Luz

  6. robertapilates 3 years ago

    Amazing! Thanks ????

  7. Kerry 3 years ago

    Super! Is Chris related to Jack??

  8. yumi-ho 3 years ago

    I was precisely wondering last week how is it possible that Pilates doesn’t work muscles of the face (other than when we make faces because of the hard work)?! I am so going to try this for a while to see if there is any difference! Thanks Jay, all your videos are very valuable!

  9. ewapilates
    ewapilates 3 years ago


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