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In today’s world this workout is considered the Advanced Mat. In Joe Pilates world, it was simply The Mat and everyone did it in 40 minutes or less. Joe expected you to do your mat on days you weren’t in his studio. If he asked you to do it in front of him, he didn’t count out the repetitions or tell you what exercise comes next, he expected you to know it. In this class, Jay works with a group of his own regular students in much the way Joe would have, with less talk and more opportunity for the students to listen to their own bodies. Repetitions in this class are 3-5x per exercise.

What Others Are Saying


  1. darien
    darien 2 years ago

    So nice to workout with you again, Jay…remember your little apartment off of SM Blvd.? Those were the days!

  2. Cito 2 years ago

    I love this class… love this straight on contrology… no changing anything .. giving the chance to get better and better as you do it more and more.. thank you!

  3. vlada_kor 3 years ago


  4. Luna
    Luna 3 years ago

    I enjoyed so much. It feels so short time. Thank you for pilatesology to share this with so many people.

  5. ewapilates
    ewapilates 3 years ago

    What an exilarating workout; love it. Thanks:)

  6. Dolores Coeck 5 years ago

    So great!! I love it. Thanks

  7. Luz Alejandra Lovern

    Love it! Again and again just avoid the Crab exercise; because of my ACS and also I am vegetarian :)))

  8. Luz Alejandra Lovern

    I love it! The energies and the wY Mr. Jay teaching is unique, beyond of the regular sessions. He really is a honest represent the Joe Pilates Work. With all my respect to the others. Is just simple, effective and it work! After be able finally to meet him in UK last October 2014. He simplify my work. Gracias Jay!

  9. Graceleuven 7 years ago

    So simple, so great, so intense, so light, love it !!!!!
    See you soon in Vintage !!!!!!

    Jeroen from Belgium 😉

  10. Davamadez
    Davamadez 7 years ago

    Simply amazing! Loved it!

  11. Nicole Smith 7 years ago

    Loved it! Thank you!

  12. sheilamcgregor 8 years ago

    Awesome – Love it!!!

  13. Graceleuven 8 years ago

    Love this …Great tool to improve our skills…love from Belgium

  14. Andrea Maida
    Andrea Maida 8 years ago

    I learn something AGAIN each time I do this one!
    Jay Jay Jay, simply the best!

  15. Elizabeth
    sportspilates 8 years ago

    Love it!

  16. JessicaDumanch 9 years ago

    Awesome class Jay!!! I know I’ll be very sore tomorrow!!! Jessica Dumanch

    • Alisa Wyatt

      We were all sore after that workout Jessica! We have more from Jay coming in March, including an amazing Reformer session that he did with Ken who is the lone guy in this mat workout.

  17. 2redfrogs 9 years ago

    Lovely class with Jay!! What a great group…goal fpr the week: do this every morning!

  18. Oh its like being in the room with you guys – hi from the UK.
    Love the new site Alisa – thank you!
    Amy x

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