The 2 x 4 Exercises for Strengthening Feet

The 2 x 4 Exercises for Strengthening Feet

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Learn how to teach and practice the 2x4 exercise to strengthen your feet and increase balance, proprioception and flexibility in the legs. This simple exercise is used by athletes and dancers for a reason, it’s one of the best things you can do to prevent injury and maintain the highest level of agility. Junghee uses the base of a High Chair to substitute for a 2x4 board, it’s a perfect place to practice this exercise because there are handles to hold for beginners! You’ll first learn the movement on the floor and then take it up a level with the elevation of the board. Visit Junghee at Can-Do Fitness.

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  1. natalievaldez 6 months ago

    I really enjoyed watching this Junghee! And how nice the electric chair is to help clients that need a little extra assistance with balancing while doing their 2×4 exercises. I’m going to incorporate the one leg version more now for my clients with imbalances in their bodies. Thank you for your explanation at the end and how you add in a mat class.

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