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Alisa offers an action-packed quick workout, this time using the Magic Circle. It’s hard to pretend you don’t have time to work out when you can fit so much great stuff into just 10 short minutes! There’s no waiting for explanations in this session, you’ll simply learn by moving with Alisa’s simple, direct cues. This Intermediate workout is especially good for toning the core and preparing for sports of any kind.

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  1. Catgal01
    Catgal01 6 months ago

    Hey Alisa – thanks for the excellent relaxed cueing and great workout. Really hit the spot as I needed it to today, in 10min. I can see these 10min (express style) gaining popularity! Joe said “even 10min/day”

  2. HanJ86 2 years ago

    Picked up a really chip magic circle from a shop called Tiger (England) so this was a great intro to the magic circle for me!

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Congrats on your new toy HanJ86, the magic circle is a great prop to have at home I use mine all the time.

  3. Excellent!

  4. Alisa Wyatt

    These short workouts are my new obsession. I’ll do more for you guys!

  5. cnskipper 8 years ago

    Loved it. Great way to get a little energy for the rest of the day!!

  6. Estelle Shaw 8 years ago

    Totally fast and fun! I loved it!

  7. nbbnixon 8 years ago

    Just wonderful, a kind of on the run bright start of the day.

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