Spine Corrector Small Barrel Simona Cipriani

Spine Corrector & Small Barrel Workout

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Want to develop more flexibility and control? This class combines delicious stretches with core work that will simultaneously strengthen and stretch your body. You can use either a Spine Corrector or Small Barrel, set up at the head of your mat. If you have extra items handy, it's nice to have 1-3 lb. Arm Weights, Ankle Weights and a weighted pole, but you will still reap the benefits if you don't have them. Visit Simona at her studio The Art of Control at SUNY Purchase.  

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  1. Mary
    Mary 2 years ago

    Loads of goodies here….!

  2. Sera7pil 3 years ago

    Brilliant ????

  3. lghammerle

    Thank You Simona for putting together a well rounded session for multi levels.

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