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Join Simona Cipriani and anatomy teacher Dr. Joe Muscolino for an analysis of the biomechanics behind the Footwork series, flexion and extension of the spine, and Knee Stretches, to learn why Dr. Joe believes Pilates is the one best fitness regimen for lifelong conditioning and well-being. As Simona demonstrates the exercises on the Reformer, Dr. Joe translates Joe Pilates' unspoken genius of the human body into scientific terms and explains what exactly is going on in the body during each exercise. You'll be fascinated to learn how brilliantly the Pilates method was designed to get as much of the body working as possible and properly aligned during each exercise, while training your nervous system to make new connections and signal the correct combinations of muscle groups and posture to work together for maximum control and efficiency. Visit Dr. Joe at The Art of Science and Kinesiology, and Simona at her studio The Art of Control at SUNY Purchase.

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  1. fracusin 1 month ago

    Thank you sooooo much! Eventually hearing some science supporting “again” the balance between the necessity of both flexing/extending the spine. After the huge damage that was brought to the industry by S. McGill’s fans and their “adjustments” to the genius of Joe a Pilates’ genius and work.
    Very well explained and clear. Simple and deep at the same time.
    Please upload more.
    Greetings from Switzerland 🇨🇭

    • Simona Cipriani Author
      Simona Cipriani 1 month ago

      Hello There,

      Sorry for the delay here!
      I really appreciated your details on the comment and
      I am happy to hear the video was well received.

      We will be continuing posting soon….keep moving 🙂
      thanks for watching 🙂 s.

  2. Victoria Sommer 3 years ago

    I really enjoyed this little dive into the why and how of the biomechanics of Pilates.. I am such a geek for anatomy and always want to know exactly why.. so this was a real treat, to have you do the exercises and your husband narrating… thank you! Would love to see more!

  3. Simona Cipriani Author
    Simona Cipriani 4 years ago

    Good challenge!!!!
    I will take it Arlene:)

  4. robertapilates 4 years ago

    Great! Thank you to of you ! Waiting for the next one!! ???? bye from Italy

    • Simona Cipriani Author
      Simona Cipriani 4 years ago

      Ciao Roberta,
      Grazie mille!!!
      Fammi sapere che altro ti interessa vedere ok?


  5. lauraweststrawser
    lauraweststrawser 4 years ago

    I love, love, love this video!!! This is the perfect example of why I’m so excited you can BOTH join us at THE TEXAS CLASSICAL PILATES CONFERENCE this April. Simona, your work is stunning! So graceful, and strong! And to have Dr. Joe basically narrating the biomechanics behind you in real time in a clear and understandable way is so helpful and informative. This is such a great example and perspective on the beautiful method we love!

    • Simona Cipriani Author
      Simona Cipriani 4 years ago

      HI Laura,

      thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support:)
      I love this one too…it took me a while to get Joe excited about this one…but, then he was very proud at the end as well:):):)
      cannot wait to see you in April:)

  6. Allegri 4 years ago

    Grazie mille Simona e Dr. Joe, ci vediamo a Ft. Worth with the Texas Classical Pilates Conference. Sara

    • lauraweststrawser
      lauraweststrawser 4 years ago

      Sara, I’m so glad you can join us!

    • Simona Cipriani Author
      Simona Cipriani 4 years ago

      Ciao Sara,
      Bellissimo….non ti dimenticare di presentarti alla conferenza ok?
      Mi piacerebbe tantissimo conoscerti:)
      A presto e buon viagio:)

  7. joesmat 4 years ago

    Being a mat only person for the last decade, it became apparent that there is insufficient attention paid to the important of extension exercises in the mat series.
    The truth being is that people do hurt their backs regardless of the quality of Instruction and often don’t return. If you count the number of exercises involving flexion versus extension we have an imbalance.
    Perhaps, Dr Joseph Muscolino would consider going through the entire mat series in “Return to Life” with this in mind, and how he would address it?
    Jay Grimes is the one person whom I have observed who emphasises the importance of extension work in the Method. ( posterior chain group of muscles)
    Thank you.

    • Simona Cipriani Author
      Simona Cipriani 4 years ago

      Hi There,
      sorry for the delay on this one “Joemat” and yes, it would seem that way…
      Joe and I have done a small chip on Mat and extension…let me get back to you about this ok?
      I do agree that we can focus more on spinal extension while we teach Mat work the way the pictures show on RtL.
      Whether we are moving physically in that direction or not, it does not make a difference…we can still extend more…perhaps our brain???
      I hope this helps:)

  8. Simona Cipriani Author
    Simona Cipriani 4 years ago

    ok Arlene,

    that is great! I would love it…I will forward it to Joe and prepare for the next shoot very soon:)
    Thank you for the request…looking forward to see you in person:)

  9. Tami Nixon 4 years ago

    Very informative and would love to see more!

    • Simona Cipriani Author
      Simona Cipriani 4 years ago

      Thank you:)
      Coming up soon…
      please let me know if you have any specific requests about this.
      Thanks for your feedback

    • Simona Cipriani Author
      Simona Cipriani 4 years ago

      thank you Tami,

      feel free to tell us what specific you would like to see…ok?


  10. Jean Klein 4 years ago

    Hi, Simona. I have a question: When you do the footwork and the knee stretches are you feeling your quads working? … I am constantly being cued to not use my quads., and to keep them relaxed. Thank you

    • Simona Cipriani Author
      Simona Cipriani 4 years ago

      Hi Jean,
      Of course you do! when we do the foot work, the knees extend and the thigh extend.
      At the beginning you do feel the quadriceps working more especially if you are on 4 springs.
      The rest we are cuing the clients not to use them too much, is not because we do not want to use them at all, it is because we want to train the mind.
      By paying more attentions to other musculature in the body, like the PH, the elongation of the spine and the gluteus.
      When you recreate all of the other elements, your are associating the action of extending the knees and hips to the lifting and scooping and now, because you have multiple muscles involved, you feeling less on the quads.

      Does this make sense?

      Very good questions:) Keep them coming:)

  11. pjennings 4 years ago

    Wonderful! Looking forward to attending your workshop in Ft. Worth with the Texas Classical Pilates Conference!

    • Simona Cipriani Author
      Simona Cipriani 4 years ago

      Hello there,

      Thank you so much for your comment:)
      I am very excited about the conference as well…
      Please look for me ok? and let me know if I can help in any way.

  12. vlada_kor 4 years ago

    This is amazing!Great job Simona & Joe. Would love for Pilatesology to make it available for free – for anyone questioning how Classical Pilates is relevant today, in light of science and new research, it stays excellent as it is!

    • arlene
      arlene 4 years ago

      Yes! vlada_kor!! When I was attending massage school, my main text book was written by Dr. Joe Muscolino. I have so much respect for his authority on biomechanics, it’s with so much pleasure to share this important video of Dr. Muscolino and Simona Cipriani working together to demonstrate the relevance of Joe Pilates original method. Thank you Pilatesology!!!!!!

      • Simona Cipriani Author
        Simona Cipriani 4 years ago

        Hi Arlene, thank you for watching:) I told Joe about your comment and he was very happy to hear…It is very fun working with him and picking his brain.
        Cannot wait for the next shoot…please let me know if there are more specific things you would like to see.

        Ciao, ciao

        • arlene
          arlene 4 years ago

          Hi Simona, can’t wait to see your next shoot as well!! I think it would be great if you and your husband could go over specifically what has to happen in the body to create the length and strength needed in order to do flexion exercises like Roll Up, Roll Over, Spine Stretch Forward as well as extension exercises like Swimming, Swan, Single and Double Leg Kick.

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