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Are you doing your Stomach Series on the Mat all wrong? Sonjé Mayo’s small changes will bring big results for your body! As a student of Joe Pilates himself, her deep knowledge of the mat work makes all the difference in how you do it. For lessons, workshop requests, teacher training, and Schroth work, visit Sonjé Mayo at http://Sonjé Filmed at Pilatesology Studio.  

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  1. gituwagh 5 days ago

    Thankyou Sonjé!
    Loved the attention to details.
    Very helpful cues.

    • Sonje Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 4 days ago

      Good to hear that. Thanks for your feedback!

  2. lucylu 6 days ago

    This was amazingly helpful!!! The Series of Five the way it is supposed to be done…..thank you so much!!!

  3. erinmohr 1 week ago

    “you might as well eat of piece of cake!” LOL!! I’m going to use that one with my students. great cues, thanks!!

    • Sonje Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 7 days ago

      Have fun with that! It is reminiscent of Marie Antoinette!!

  4. Kuchichi 2 weeks ago

    That is so helpful, I LOVE the focus on technique! Those tiny differences that make all the difference, thank you for making it so clear and easy to understand.

    • Sonje Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 2 weeks ago

      Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it!

  5. darien
    darien 2 weeks ago

    So helpful, Sonje! Thank you🌷 Alisa, where did you get your unitard? You look fantastic!

    • Sonje Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 2 weeks ago

      I am delighted that you found that helpful. Yes, Alisa looks like a million dollars in that unitard!

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Hi darien! That unitard is from The Pilates Studio Brazil, Inelia Garcia’s group. It’s my favorite Pilates outfit, you never have to adjust anything and everyone looks great in it. She’s having a big conference in Lisbon this coming Oct 2019 I’m sure you could get them there, here’s their website store as well:

  6. Sonje Mayo Author
    Sonje Mayo 1 month ago

    Thanks Julie! I hope you hear my voice prompting you every time you do the “Series of five”!

  7. Julie Winters
    Julie Winters 1 month ago

    So concise and helpful! Thank you, Sonje!

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