Série de Short Box no Ladder Barrel (Portuguese)

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Aprenda como ensinar a série de Short Box no Ladder Barrel - Barril Grande -  com Miguel Silva e a estudante Bianca Malott. Você vai descobrir que a curva do barril pode ajudar a diminuir a lordose, quando apresentar esta série aos seus clientes e como dar dicas eficazes que vão ajudar o seu cliente a fazer os exercícios de forma eficaz. Para saber mais do programa de certificação de professores e outras questões, visite Miguel em Uno Pilates - www.unopilatesmethod.com. / Learn how to teach the Short Box Series on the Ladder Barrel with Miguel Silva and his student Bianca. You’ll discover how the curve of the barrel can help fix lordosis, when to introduce this series to your clients and how to give effective cues that will assist your client in doing the exercises effectively. Visit Miguel at Uno Pilates in Seville, Spain.  

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  1. HeidiSue 8 months ago

    Not speaking Portuguese, I did understand your visuals and hands -on cueing. But it would be lovely if an English translation could be offered. I have an extremely lordotic client, and am needing all the education I can gather to best teach her safely. Thank you!

    • Miguel Silva Author
      Miguel Silva 8 months ago

      Hi HeidiSue
      Thank you so much for your feedback!

      As far I know, Pilatesology is working on that!
      Soon it will be available with subtitles!

      Let me know if I can help with more tips with your lordotic client! I’m more than happy to help!!
      All the best

  2. Ceci 2 years ago

    Mas que bom ouvir uma aula de Pilates em portugues ! Detailed but to the point, clear vocabulary in portuguese, loved it ! I’m right know going to check your other videos. Muito obrigada Miguel & Pilates.ology.

    • Miguel Silva Author
      Miguel Silva 8 months ago

      Ola Ceci!
      Muito obrigado pelo seu feedback!
      Um abraço

  3. McLachlan 3 years ago

    My Portuguese is also limited howeverI was able to follow along and understood 85% of the lesson . Brilliant hands on for side to side and the tree. Thank you Miguel.

    • Miguel Silva Author
      Miguel Silva 3 years ago

      Hi McLachlan!
      Thank you for your feedback and for watching us!

  4. Kerry 3 years ago

    Hands on very helpful especially when you don’t understand the language! But what you said at the beginning and end….i have no idea! 😉

    • Miguel Silva Author
      Miguel Silva 3 years ago

      Hi Kerry!
      Thank you for watching us! We will promise that we will do it english as well! To resume it I was explaining the “spine shapes” – why and when we take the client to the high barrel and the propose of it!
      all the best

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