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Get ready to start a fire in your belly with Gina’s Magic Circle workout! This is the advanced, full-length version of her super popular Say Hello To Your Abs workout. You'll join Gina and her student, Pilates Instructor Angilique Campbell for a whole body blast that will leave your muscles quivering and your ego boosted. You can book sessions with Gina at Grasshopper Pilates where this session was filmed.


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  1. Catgal01
    Catgal01 4 months ago

    hi Gina, thanks so much, some great teaching cues here and interesting variations. I would love a tip on how to keep the ring in the ankles in Boomerang please! my variation was a little too creative.
    Angelique has obviously put in the work – a lovely effortless practise to watch (and aspire to be).

    Thankyou both xx

    • Gina Papalia Author
      Gina Papalia 4 months ago

      Hi there, I’m glad you enjoyed that workout! Yes Angilique has worked hard and long with the circle. I’m glad you asked for help on the boomerang exercise, it’s a tricky one!
      Best thing to do is to have the circle off center, not standing up and down. Which means your legs will not be on top of each other either. It’s okay to let this slide when adding in the magic circle! Hug the circle gently from your inner thighs not thinking ankles. It will translate down to the ankles. Remember every exercise is about the core first and the rest will fall into place. Good luck! Give it 3 good tries and then move on! You will get this! X Gina

  2. stacieleneehawkins 3 years ago

    Strength, grace and beauty. Everything I love about Pilates. I’m along way from being at Angilique’s level, but it’s inspirational. Gina, I love your instruction and cues. I’ll look for your other videos. Any other classes with you and Angilique?

    • Gina Papalia
      Gina Papalia 3 years ago

      Thanks for writing! I’m glad you enjoyed the session. Just keep on working you will get there. You can do this workout anywhere! When we use to work out with Romana and there were not enough magic circles we would have to do the imaginary magic circle workout! It was a killer!! ( Ha -I have my next workout Alisa!! ) I have over 15 other classes you can do with me on this amazing site! Look me up by teacher. You can also look me up on my website for a little more fun at Grasshopperpilates.com .
      Have an amazing day!
      xx Gina
      Grasshopper Pilates NYC

  3. klm 3 years ago

    Awesome workout! More please! 🙂

    • Gina Papalia
      Gina Papalia 3 years ago

      Thanks! Keep up the good work! Any requests? Let me know. Xx gina
      Grasshopper Pilates

  4. Kara Wily
    Kara Wily 5 years ago

    Hi Gina!

    It’s been way too long! But it is nice to keep up with you here. I loved some of those variations in the ab series, I definitely am going to do your ab series next. Just lovely to see you and know Grasshopper Pilates is going well! Many thanks, Kara

    • Gina Papalia
      Gina Papalia 5 years ago

      Did we worked together or dance together? It”s been over 15 years for either one!
      Where are you and what are you up to these days?
      you can email me at gina@grasshopperpilates.com
      xx gina

  5. Gina Papalia
    Gina Papalia 6 years ago

    Thanks everyone! Keep up the good work! More to come!

  6. Reb 6 years ago

    Wonderful pace and cueing. Great execution, Angelique!

  7. joesmat 6 years ago

    Ms Angilique Campbell is an excellent practitioner. MORE of the MAT from this very accomplished Lady please!
    Thank you Ms Angilique Campbell.

  8. pilatesangel 6 years ago

    My belly says ouch! That was super fun but super challenging! Beautiful model and body to teach. Thanks for sharing your examples for torture with the ring! 🙂

  9. pilatesmomma08 6 years ago

    Yay for Angelique!!! 🙂

  10. lainey48 6 years ago

    Love when you teach a class on pilatesology. You are a wonderful teacher and I love your fast moving pace. I also love when you use a prop like the magic circle- makes a mat workout much more exciting!

    • Gina Papalia
      Gina Papalia 6 years ago

      Thanks! I love what I do and I love to find a good challenge!
      Any requests for next time?
      x gina

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