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Catch the rhythm and your workout flies by. Gloria leads this advanced mat with a focused and fun authority to keep you moving without extraneous thought, tension or time. Enjoy the pace and come back again tomorrow for a repeat performance! Visit Gloria at Studio Pilates di Gloria Gasperi where this was filmed.

What Others Are Saying


  1. McLachlan 5 months ago

    Thank You Gloria, Boom Boom Flow

  2. Pfplus 5 months ago

    Ciao Bella!!!! I really enjoyed this class. Always so wonderful to hear your soothing voice and to see your beautiful smile!! xoxo Aurora

  3. Wonderful mat. Thank you!

  4. shelleykamil 2 years ago

    What an amazing version of the Mat Workout. Can’t wait to try it out. Amazing xx

  5. ilkamajdalane

    Great flow ????????????????????????????????

  6. Luz Alejandra Lovern

    Gloria! this Mat work was fantastic! as you said at the end “We don’t work for perfection, we work for connection” and that is super clear how the Pilates Method works! with the practice and practice eventually will happen; at the meantime we need to work hard! Love the translation and your own energies in each exercises, Atilio and the others ladies working very hard to keep up the pace of the Mat Work! at the end love the play and pushing beyond to the limit; made me feel alive! thank you for keep the passion for Joe Pilates and all the Universe around!

    • Gloria Gasperi Author

      Thank you so much lovely Luz! Your words warm my heart! I know how much you love and you’re dedicated to the work!!
      I totally agree with everything you wrote and I thank you sooo much for your support!
      A lot of flowing rithmyc love to you????????

  7. Anna Zini 3 years ago

    ????you are fantastic ! THANK you Gloria????

  8. aldessa 3 years ago

    Fantastic! I’m really working on intermediate level and fell amazing to try this advanced Mat. Really feel sorry that can’t go to your seminar in Brazil next month.

    • Gloria Gasperi Author

      Thank you so much!???? I am very happy you enjoyed the class and sad not to see you in Brazil! But I hope to meet you soon somewhere ????????

  9. Very nice and challenging class. Thank you, Gloris, grazie!

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