Pilates PreNatal Workout with Gloria Gasperi

Case Study: Martina’s PreNatal Workout

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In this video, Gloria takes her client Martina through the full repertoire of exercises that she has been doing throughout her pregnancy. They demonstrate exercises on the Cadillac, Reformer, Ladder Barrel and using Arm Weights and Magic Circle. For Teacher Training, lessons and more, visit Gloria at Studio Pilates di Gloria Gasperi where this was filmed.

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  1. artemarty
    artemarty 3 years ago

    Gloria is an exceptional ‘body and soul’s teacher’! When I entered her studio the first time almost three years ago, I felt very good vibes and feelings!
    I took pilates classes in the past, but this has been a rediscovery of the original pilates through Gloria’s inner eyes and unique sensibility!
    Fondly, Martina

    • Gloria Gasperi Author

      I wish to every colleague of mine to find students liike you in their path… you’re smart, strong, sensitive, able to see and feel really beyond,,, a blessing for a teacher! I am happy and honored to work with you and to have seen your little boy from the very very very beginning!! LOve you

  2. ewapilates
    ewapilates 3 years ago

    This is a great workout, with a variety of apparatus and props. I would, however, strongly object against the full Roll Up for a pregnat woman; or a Sit Up! Otherwise, I am fine with the rest.:) And, who makes such fancy colours of apparatus? Is is GRATZ?

    • Gloria Gasperi Author

      Hello Ewapilates :)… Thank you very much for your comment… I understand your concerns and respect it… According to the body and the particular situation I find in front of me there are some “general rules” to follow but, the biggest thing I learned is that for whatever decision you take, “it depends on the body”… 🙂
      I loved to see the path of this sweet client of mine and I am so happy that now she’s coming with her little boy to the studio! 🙂
      Yes… apparatus are Gratz… In the studio you can find a good variety of shades of purple as you can see! 🙂

      I thank you very much again and I am available for any further chat!


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